Celebrities and bloggers influence over Instagram

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Being an influencer or celebrity is not a very difficult approach now a day. Anyone who has guts to use social media apps and to engage with audience can gain a popularity easily. Specially Instagram, when one billion people using it and following each other so it will be way easier to become a famous personality. Now a day social media apps are not just uploading posts and get likes but many more out of these. People are earning handsome amounts just using social media apps.

When it comes to Instagram, everyone prefers it to start blogging career not only because it is easy to handle but also to earn handsome amount. Bloggers and celebrities over Instagram charge a lot for paid promotions they cash their numbers of followers.  Instagram is now working magically to turn out housewives in a makeup artists (MUA) and a business student into a photographer. It means everyone possessing a skill not even they have and attracting people to themselves to cash them.  When they gain a great number of followers then they start giving paid Instagram likes and followers.

Paid promotions

When an influencer or celebrity makes its first place among audience and wins their trust they start promoting others by charging amount whether it is self-promotion or business promotion.  Sometimes brands heir influencers and celebrities as their brand ambassadors to promote their brand on commission basis.  A well-known media celebrities are getting more expensive for paid promotions so that small brands and businesses prefer digital celebrities or micro influencers for paid promotions and paid Instagram likes.


After getting a little more famous and handsome amount of followers and engaging posts most of the micro influencers start their own brands and business and cash their popularity this way. Most of the people buy their products only for the reason that they admire them. Hence, they build up a successful business mostly but not every time because a successful business needs a good business skill too.

We can take advantage from the Instagram celebrities and bloggers to preach a good thing among Instagram audience or it may help us to use Instagram features more clearly. Sometimes we need an honest review before buying anything worthy so the reviews of bloggers help us a lot to choose a right thing.  Influence of bloggers and celebrities over internet can be useful if we wants to take its advantage.

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