Check Out Tips From Australia You Need To Know Before You Travel

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Australia is a gigantic country, where traveling means traveling long distances, facing very varied climates, full of natural beauty, breathtaking beaches and tanned people. So, traveling there is soup in honey for us! For a series of details, it is good to read some tips from Australia before traveling.

Not that kangaroo land is a complex place to visit. Quite the opposite, Australia is an extremely touristic country and knows very well how to explore its natural beauty and other attractions. And you can explore it, as it is a very expensive country to visit. 

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But a little research and preparation will help you stay within budget. Check out the tips from Australia you need to know before you travel:

Australia Tips – A gigantic trip

A trip to Australia is not a five-day thing. First, why don’t you go to the other side of the world just to take a look, don’t you? Second, because this country in Oceania is the size of an entire continent. So, if you want to get to know Australia, or at least the most touristic part of it, get ready for a giant trip. Whether you travel the territory by bus or by plane, the distances are long and you will need to reserve a good part of your time just for travel.

Australia Tips – Get ready to spend a lot

A trip to Australia requires good financial planning, as it is not cheap. Not because the local currency is highly valued or because the cost of living in the country is super high, but because everything related to tourism in the land of kangaroos is expensive. Accommodation, transportation and, mainly, entrance to attractions and tours will add some zeros to your account when calculating how much it costs to travel to Australia.

Australia Tips – Expensive and not-so-good hostels

Although it is a very popular country for backpackers and full of shared accommodation options, Australia is not lavish on good and cheap hostels. In order to pay little, you will have to accept low quality, and it is not always that little. A bed in a shared room in a hostel well rated on booking sites and with a privileged location in Sydney can cost more than US $40, a value close to those found in the inflated New York and far from Europe, where good hostels leave for less than US $25.

Australia Tips – Respect the quiet time

In Australia, a country of British colonization, the Queen’s icy lands are used to sleeping very early and waking up very early. You wake up at 5 am, most activities start at 8 am, have dinner at 7 pm and, at 11 pm, everyone is already taken to their beds.

This is one of the reasons why the hours of silence prevail on the streets of Australia after 10 pm. Even if it’s a delicious hot summer night and you want to enjoy it outdoors, don’t make any noise. 

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