Child Sexual Abuse – It’s Going On Way Too Much

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Do you know what the signs of sexual abuse in children are?  It can include self-hatred, criminal behavior, alcohol or drug abuse, and insomnia, along with others. Also, one in three girls is sexually abused before the age of 18.  These are alarming numbers.  And it needs to be stopped.  If you or someone you know has been a victim, I definitely recommend getting a sexual abuse attorney.

Even if you were a victim years ago, and are now an adult, the effects of abuse continue long into your adulthood.  The feelings of grief and despair may be as great as ever.  If you cannot afford counseling, getting sexual abuse attorneys and going after the person who wronged you can help.  Usually, the person who did it is required to pay for counseling, which is a great step on your road to freedom of pain. Need a suggestion for an abuse attorney? You can learn more here.

One law firm who is dedicated to bringing justice for the victims in Kosnoff Fasy.  Tim Kosnoff and Dan Fasy, collectively, have spent more than 20 years as child sexual abuse attorneys and brought justice to so many child sexual abuse survivors.  They are based in Seattle, Washington, but have represented clients throughout the United States and Canada.  Right now their current cases involve actions against the Milwaukee Archdiocese, the Boy Scouts of America, and many more.

It’s never too late to get justice for yourself and to try and heal.  Do it for yourself, or for someone you know.

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