Children’s Entertainment: Which Trampolines Have Proven the Safest for Kids?

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The image of young children playing on a trampoline conjures up scenes of fun and laughter. Children naturally love jumping up and down and trampolines help them to get exercise while playing. Trampolines can be used outdoors during the warmers months and brought inside when it’s cold or rainy. They may seem like the ideal toy.

However, they can also be a source of serious injury. Children can break bones, receive sprains or strains and even injure their neck, head, and spine. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend the use of trampolines. That’s why it’s important to choose the safest trampolines for homes, schools, and playgrounds if still decide to get one. You need to know which are safest and you also need to put some safety rules in place.

Before you make a purchase for your young one, read some reviews of safe toddler trampolines. Some general things you need to look for are waterproof surfaces, durable construction, handlebars, and padding. Here are some other important features.

Safety nets

Look for a trampoline with a net around the jumping area. This will prevent the child from falling or rolling off the trampoline if they miss their step or land awkwardly. Parents should ensure that children do not purposely bounce against the enclosure since constant misuse could cause it to rip. It is a literal safety net and it would not be fit for purpose if it gets damaged.


Handlebars can be found on trampolines for very young children. They allow the child to hold on and gain some balance while they jump up and down. These are generally small, low trampolines designed for indoor use.


You need as much cushioning as possible. The metallic springs, hooks, and bars of a trampoline can all cause injury. Find a trampoline that has them well covered with soft pads, so your child’s head and limbs are protected.  Be sure to check these at intervals to see if they need replacing.


Trampolines with ladders that can be removed are safer than those with permanent ones. They give you the ability to remove the ladder when you don’t want the children to use the trampoline unsupervised. Once you keep the ladder secured when the trampoline is not in use, you know the kids are unlikely to be able to reach the trampoline.

Some popular trampolines that have some or all of these features are The Fold & Go Mini Trampoline, Pure Fun Kids Jumper Trampoline, Little Tikes 3ft Trampoline, Skywalker 48? Round Zoo Adventure Bouncer with Enclosure, My First Trampoline Combo and Pure Fun Kids Preschool Jumper 36? Trampoline.


Where you place the trampoline matters. Generally, flat, open and soft surfaces are best. You want to avoid any obstacles which could get in the way when the child jumps. If you opt for a trampoline without an enclosure there’s a chance the child could fall off so you want a soft surface.  Another option is to place the trampoline in the ground, so it sits at ground level. This can help reduce the impact of a fall.

Take note of these safety features when you go shopping for your child’s trampoline. They’ll have fun and get exercise without excessive risk of injury.

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