How To Choose The Right Hardwood Floor For Your Home

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Every homeowner has to make flooring decisions at least once in his or her lifetime. You may be buying a home, refurbishing your old one or building a new one, you will need to assess your options before you can decide which flooring is the best to turn the house into a home.

Carpets and terrazzo come and go, says the leading company of hardwood flooring Chicago. The one material that is here forever is hardwood. Do not be fooled by the benign nature of the disyllabic term. When someone says hardwood, he or she are referring to the entire genre of wooden flooring that encompasses maple, oak, cherry, eucalyptus and reclaimed hardwood. These are the most popular choices people make while renovating their homes.

How to choose the right hardwood floor for your home

Factors that determine the quality and finish of hardwood –


  • Solid wood vs. engineered wood


Traditional hardwood is costlier since it comes from thick planks of solid timber. Today, most stores have engineered hardwood. It has a hardwood top layer with other softer layers in the bottom. This is better since it does not contract or expand much with changing seasons and it is dirt-cheap too.


  • Polishing and Staining


You can buy hardwood planks with a raw finish, and you can get them polished to perfection after installation. Alternatively, you can go for pre-finished planks that come with the stains and topcoats in place, ready for installation.

If you already know the color scheme you want, going for a pre-finished hardwood floor is your best option. Installing these takes less than a day.


  • Finish


Most popular hardwood flooring stores use two kinds of finishes – oil and polyurethane (PU). Oil usually penetrates the wood and gives it a very soft and matte finish. PU creates a harder top coat that is more resistant to daily wear and tear. If your home is abuzz with children, we suggest you go for the PU finish. It has an incredible resilience for scratches, nicks, stains, and scuffs.

Soft oil finish does offer an easier maintenance. However, you need to clean and polish it more often. If you have a busy work-life, go with a PU finish that will give a more resistant and easy cleaning floor for your home.


  • Choice of wood


Oak is the king of flooring wood in the northern states of the US. Next is walnut preceding cherry, maple, and ash. Oak is the costliest of them all. It offers the richest hues with a luxurious finish that lasts almost a lifetime. Walnut flooring requires very less maintenance and it a great option for homes with less natural light. For other warmer tones in a pocket-friendly range, you can also try hickory and eucalyptus. Although they are not as popular, the easy availability makes them a great option for the frugal home renovators.

These four steps will lead you to a beginning of a “happily ever after,” that will please your family and your pockets.

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