Choose Wise Solution VPS Thailand to Achieve Superfast Website Speed

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If you are new to the web hosting industry and own any small to medium-sized business site, then choosing a VPS is ideal for making your site online for internet users. No doubt, you have plenty of choices. But most companies opt for VPS Hosting to manage traffic spikes, maintain site speed, and achieve optimal performance on your site.

So, if you are also looking for the best web hosting that provides a 20x faster speed, then you should choose VPS Thailand Hosting for your business site. This is because it gives you more scalability, the power of a dedicated server, an independent hosting environment, and much more to achieve superfast site speed at an affordable price. When it comes to VPS pricing, you can go to to see what different providers offer.

If you are curious to know how to achieve superfast site speed with Thai VPS Hosting, this guide is for you. But before that, let’s understand the basics. Let’s get started!

Know About Wise Solution’s VPS Hosting Thailand

VPS Server, an internet web hosting type, rented its portion of web space for website hosting. VPS is basically a short form of Virtual Private Server. The word “Private” indicates that all the resources belong to one user. If you buy the server, you will get the dedicated resources that are entirely yours. You do not have to share them with other sites and users. These resources may include Random Access Memory, Storage space, Bandwidth, CPU usage, and much more. Since all resources are yours means you can ensure the fast performance and high speed of your website. But, usually, the Virtual Private Server cannot manage the traffic spikes over your site. Hence, you can host only small to large scale websites with hundreds of web pages.

One exciting thing about the Thai VPS Server is it uses virtualization technology that attracts the user most. In VPS, a large server is partially divided into multiple sub virtual servers. With each virtual server, dedicated resources are associated that the user can utilize for its only website. None of the neighboring sites have the accessibility to employ your dedicated resources. Besides, being a sole user of the server, you can host various websites on it. You will get server access, so you can manage it on your own.

Furthermore, the Thailand VPS Server is sub-categorized into two parts: Managed VPS and Unmanaged VPS. Both differ in terms of support, services, maintenance, and management. Managed VPS is best for users who have enough money to hire an expert for its site management, whereas unmanaged is best for users having strong technical skills.

When we talk about the types of Virtual Private Server based on their Operating System Categorization. Then you’ll have the two choices, namely Windows VPS and Linux VPS. Windows is a user friendly and popular platform, whereas Linux is open source and relatively cheaper than Windows.

So, it’s all about the primary mechanism of VPS Thailand Hosting. You need to know when you should switch to VPS Hosting when other choices are also available.

Why Should You Switch to Thai VPS?

No doubt, a user may first attract to the shared hosting because of low cost and easy entry barriers. But in this hosting, you need to share your resources with other sites. Therefore, if one site encounters a vulnerability, then 99% chance that your site would also suffer or may end with data loss. Also, in shared hosting, you can scale your resources up to a specific limit. So, when your site receives lots of web traffic, it would affect your site’s performance and speed. Hence, you need to switch to the VPS Thailand Hosting.

Further, a few of the reasons listed below let you know that you need to switch your hosting to VPS in such conditions.

-When you’re site receiving lots of user traffic

Undoubtedly, shared hosting is not capable of handling much traffic on your site. So, a VPS Thailand is a perfect choice that renders you dedicated resources to ensure the high availability of resources for your site. So, it can process and load with 20X faster speed and handle traffic smoothly.

-When you need the Server Accessibility

You may know that your web host manages and handles all the aspects of hosting for you in shared hosting. So, when you need to make any configurations, then you can’t do it by yourself. But with VPS Thailand, you get the complete accessibility of your server. So, you can make all the necessary modifications quickly, whether it’s about installing an application or removing any software from the server.

-When Security is your primary concern

With shared hosting, one can’t secure their website from malicious and suspicious sites because of sharing the resources. Thus, when you run the site having sensitive data and information that you need to secure, switching to a VPS Thailand is a great choice because it doesn’t share its resources and ensures the high security of your data with the best security measures.

-When you need to scale up your resources

You can scale up your resources with shared hosting also but up to a specific limit. Therefore, you need to switch to Thailand VPS Server to scale your resources according to your business demands and requirements. That’s why VPS Server is also known as the upgraded version of shared hosting because it fills all the gaps left by the shared server.

So, you may be aware of how a VPS Thailand Server is beneficial for your growing business and helps to optimize your website speed. But it’s also a fact that if you choose a reliable web host to buy Thai VPS, then no barrier can stop your site from loading with 20X faster speed. Here, we will introduce you to one such web host Wise Solution that provides you the hosting and services you want at an affordable price.

About Wise Solution

Wise Solution is a leading and renowned web host provider that was established in 2012, intending to cater all its exclusive services among the maximum audience globally. The web host basically provides the hosting services, including shared hosting, VPS Server, Dedicated Server, Reseller hosting, etc. Besides, the Wise Solution never gives a chance to make you upset. This means it renders high quality resources and services to you to accommodate all the requirements of your website. So, you can experience an optimized performance and speed with the Wise Solution’s Thailand VPS Hosting.

Further, when we talk about the rewards of a web host, it receives many awards for catering to its world-class services and support across the globe. Moreover, the company has the best support team that stays active 24*7 to give you the best solutions and on-premise support. Also, all their plans are affordable and cost effective.

Wise Solution Plans And Packages: Thailand VPS Server

Wise Solution’s VPS Thailand Hosting gives you complete plans and Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting packages. All their plans are highly customizable. So, you can customize them as per your requirement and buy accordingly.

Attributes of VPS Hosting Thailand

#1. Free Server Setup

You won’t pay additional charges as the Thailand VPS Server is automatically deployed.

#2. Highest Uptime up to 99.99%

Wise Solution aims to give you the highest level of uptime. So, your website never undergoes downtime and always remains at the top of the Google page.

#3. Solid State Drives

One of the best ways to boost your site speed is to use Solid State Drives instead of Hard Disk Drives because they use the flash memory mechanism.

#4. Free VPS Management

If your site is hosted on a Managed VPS Server, you would not have to pay additional charges for its management and maintenance. Wise Solution ensures real-time monitoring and management of your server.

#5. Resource Monitoring Dashboard

If you want to monitor the activities and functions performed on your server, then no choice is better than a VPS Thailand. It gives you a Resource Monitoring Dashboard through which you can easily monitor the CPU usage, reboot VPS, and do much more.

#6. Host Multiple Sites

VPS Thailand is never bound to host websites. You are entirely free to host sites as many as you can operate and manage easily on your own.

#7. Choose Operating System

From the most popular operating systems like Windows and Linux, you can choose the best one that meets your site requirements.

#8. Choose Control Panel Options

You have an amazing choice of control panels from which you can pick anyone based on your operating systems, such as Cpanel, Plesk Panel, and WHM.

#9. Instant Provisioning

You get the instant VPS Server Setup with the Wise Solution. You do not want to wait until the server is deployed.

Customer Reviews

If you have any doubt whether or not you should invest in the Wise Solution’s VPS Server Thailand Hosting, then the best thing is to go through its customer reviews. It can make you aware of what the customer experiences from their services and what support you can expect. So, here we show you some of the valuable words posted on the top brands by potential customers of Wise Solution.


Wise Solution’s VPS Thailand Hosting is one of the primary choices of user concerns about data security, requiring powerful hardware equipment, high efficiency, uptime, scalability, storage space, optimal performance, and fast speed. Additionally, it gives you a more stable hosting environment, server accessibility, data backups, 24*7 support, and much more at an affordable price that is completely worth the money. So, you can quickly boost your site speed with VPS exclusive features and enjoy the fastest speed experience in one click.

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