Choosing the Best Dumpster Rental Services for Your Needs

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Perhaps you are thinking of having a big party or you are moving away from an old house. It could also be that you are doing some renovation or replacement, or even doing general cleaning. Whatever the case may be, you would need to get rid of waste. Aside from that, you would need to gather the waste somewhere before thinking about disposing of it. In such a case, you would need the services of a Dumpster rental company

A dumpster rental company provides you with a dumpster for you to dispose of your waste and removes the dumpster the moment you are done with it. There are times when your conventional trash bins are just not enough to contain the rubbish you have gathered. In such cases, you need something bigger to make the place tidier. Dumpster rental companies provide you with an adequate size dumpster you can use to keep all the trash you have gathered, however, they do not stop there, as they also help dispose of the waste in the dumpster when you are done with it, so you do not have to bother with it at all.

Like with anything else, you may not have used a dumpster rental company before and would not know the things to look out for or how to choose one. Today, Dumposaurus has put together some helpful factors for you to consider, to help you make the right choice in a dumpster rental company. 

  1. Check for Size of Dumpster

The first thing you should consider is the size of the dumpster the company offers. Why this is important is so that you do not end up choosing a dumpster that is too small for your waste or something that is unnecessarily too big. Dumpsters come in sizes ranging from 10 yards to 40 yards. Some have made it easier by dividing their dumpsters into various grades including residential dumpsters and commercial dumpsters. This makes it easier for you to choose what you want, based on what you intend on using it for and the amount of waste you might generate.

  1. Length of Time

Another thing for you to consider is how long you would be needing the dumpster. Do you just need it for a day’s event, such as a regular clean up or do you need it for a week, a month or even regularly? Perhaps your business produces more waste than you know how to handle and you need the dumpster for as long as you are in business. Make it a point to know if the company offers their dumpsters for that long or for only a short amount of time. 

  1. Pickup Time

If you are renting the dumpster for a long time, you also want to make sure that the waste gets picked up often so that it does not pile up and, depending on the type of waste, cause air pollution. The company may offer weekly collection or biweekly collection, depending on how long it takes for your waste to fill the dumpster. Some other companies would prefer you to call them when the waste is full for them to dispose of it. Finding out how the company operates is quite important before choosing them.

  1. Disposal Items

Also, try to know what you can put into the dumpster beforehand. Some companies do not like you mixing waste, as it may make it harder for them to dispose of, especially if the company likes to recycle the waste. Aside from that, certain materials have been banned by the state which you cannot dispose of including radioactive materials, antifreeze, refrigerators, and even mattresses. A good company would provide you with a list of what you can put in its dumpster so it does not create a problem later on. 

  1. Fee

How do they calculate how much you pay? Some companies go by charging you by the ton or some other measurement, while others charge a flat rate. The ones that charge by the ton would have to first measure the weight of your waste before providing you with a bill. They both have their advantages. However, it is good to know beforehand, as that can help you decide if you want to use such a method. If what you are throwing away is light and not so much, then you may not even dispose of up to a ton, meaning you get billed less. 

  1. Choose a Reputable Company

So many companies offer dumpster rental services but not a lot of these companies are ethical in their dealings. Where does the trash collected from you end up? A good dumpster rental company should know about the proper disposal of waste and recycling so that the waste they collect does not cause any form of pollution. You can always consult or find that out to be sure you are making the right decision. 

Choosing a dumpster rental company is not very difficult. You just have to be mindful so that you get what will serve your needs, without being too pricey. At Dumposaurus, we offer dumpsters to meet your needs, irrespective of the amount of trash you would like to get rid of. We even offer 5-yard dumpsters to show you that we do not consider any waste as too small. Call us today to take care of your trash problem.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning that the first thing you should think about is the size of the dumpsters the company offers. My brother is thinking about hiring dump truck services because he’s thinking about renovating his back yard that has a wall that needs to be taken down. I think it’s a good investment to hire a reputable professional to help him dispose of the material that is going to be leftover if he decides to start the project.

  2. I love that you mentioned that a reputable dumpster company will be able to serve our needs without compromising the price. My wife and I have been talking about getting a dumpster for a few weeks to put our waste in while we are remodeling our home, and it will be important for us to know that we could find the best one. To be sure that they are reputable, I will check their pricing and how they will meet our needs.

  3. Good article. We are a new dumpster rental service and it saves people so much time and money to know the types of things you talked about in this article. Thanks.

  4. Great article! These are important points to know about before calling a dumpster company. If they don’t mention additional fees, be sure to ask, as hard-to-get-rid-of items (mattress, box spring, TV) may have additional fees. When you call, tell them what you are looking to use the dumpster for (in general) – some places have special rates if all you want to dispose of is yard waste, or just one type of waste (bricks or stone, for example).

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