Choosing the Right Bag for Your Next Big Family Trip

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Going away somewhere with the family can always be a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time and make some great memories together. But what it can also be is very hectic! Whether you are taking the kids to a big theme park, going sightseeing overseas, hitting the coast, or going to visit friends or family, you will probably be expecting the time to be as tiring as it will be fun. 

One thing that is always helpful when you’re away from home with the kids is to have everything you need to hand in your bag, and you’ll probably want to pack all kinds of stuff in your day bag or purse as well as in your actual luggage for the trip. Choosing the right bag then can make things go a little more smoothly by making it easier to carry and find all of your essentials. You will probably also want a bag that will look good so that when you go out to more grown-up places in the evening, you’ll have a chic look without having to pack an extra purse.

Here are some tips for choosing the right bag:

Large, but with Compartments

You will want a bag that you can fit plenty of stuff into since you’ll be away from home and you’ll probably want to go out for the day without needing to go back to your accommodation. You may be needing to carry sunscreen, sunglasses for everybody, the odd toy or book for the kids, wet wipes, band-aids and all kinds of other stuff. But you won’t want to be rummaging through all of this when you just want to get your phone out or use your wallet to pay for something. 

This means that a sleek day bag with lots of compartments is a much better choice than a big shopper or beach bag style. Check out SSENSE, our favorite luxury fashion retailer, where you can find the latest designer bags in a wide range of styles. Take a look at the classic day bags in their Saint Laurent bags collection – these bags are a must have when you want to be able to keep a lot of stuff with you all day but still look and feel sophisticated and well organized.

Easy to Carry

Another thing that you will need to consider when you are picking the right bag for your family trip is how you’ll be carrying it. Many bags give you the choice of carrying with shoulder straps, which can be lengthened so you can wear the bag over your shoulder or across your body, as well as having handles so you can easily carry the bag in either hand. This is the kind of choice you will need because you won’t necessarily have your hands free a lot of the time. 

While you are carrying different luggage as you travel, or when you need your hands free in general at your destination to do things like check directions or your phone or pay for stuff, you’ll want to be able to wear the bag on your shoulder. If you have another bag such as a gym bag you are using as luggage, it may also be more comfortable to be able to wear your day bag across the body so you don’t have too much weight on one shoulder.

Classic Design

The final thing to consider when you are choosing your bag is what it actually looks like. Good, stylish bags made by luxury brands last a long time, but you need to be sure you’re choosing a look that isn’t too trend-focused and so will look just as tasteful in years to come. Choosing a monochrome design in black, white or a neutral shade will mean that your bag won’t go out of fashion for color or pattern reasons, and will also go with everything else you are wearing, wherever you go. This also means that you won’t have a bag that looks too summery or wintry, so you’ll be able to get good use of it all year round and on future trips to places with different climates.

Naturally, your own taste can play a part in this – if you are really keen on a certain color and wear it a lot, then buying a bag in that color instead of a neutral will also be fine, given you already are used to planning outfits that coordinate with that hue. You may also either like or dislike certain features like bold brand logos on a bag, and should naturally factor that into your choice.

As you can see, there are a few things you can think about when you buy a bag to take with you on a family trip which can make things more convenient, comfortable and stylish while you’re away!

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