Christmas Crisis? Here’s How to Save the Holidays

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It’s the worst time to have any kind of emergency. You’re about to sit down to dinner for Thanksgiving or Christmas, and something terrible happens. Your boiler breaks down, the kitchen floods or someone starts to feel terribly ill. You’re now worried about a loved one or about your home. You’re going to have to postpone the holiday for at least a couple of hours. Don’t panic too much, though. You may still be able to salvage the day. And, if you can’t, you could always arrange to do it another day instead. Before you have a meltdown, make sure you do these things.

Deal with Illness or Injury

The worst thing that can happen during the holidays is someone becoming ill or getting hurt. Sometimes, they can struggle through the day or may have to spend the holiday in bed. But, on other occasions, it’s an emergency situation. Someone could be feeling extremely ill, or maybe someone slipped while carving the turkey. The most important thing to do in these situations is to get the medical attention required. If you need to go to the ER, remember it can be busy on holidays. However, don’t let that stop you from going if it’s a real emergency.

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Call Appropriate People

No matter what’s happened, there’s probably someone you can call to help make it better. Anything short of an ambulance doesn’t have to ruin the whole day. If something has gone wrong at home, look for an emergency contractor who can fix it. For example, a service like ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba may come out and fix water damage for you. You can call someone to come and fix your heating or to stop your home from flooding. Of course, it’s not always easy on the holidays. However, you can often find services available.

Clean Up Any Mess

Once you’ve dealt with any emergency measures, you can clean up any mess that’s left behind. Again, you might have someone you can call who can help you. However, you might not need to get anyone to help out. Gather the family to pitch in, whether they need to scrub down the kitchen after a fire, vacuum the carpets or wipe up some vomit. You might not be able to do everything, especially if it’s actually Thanksgiving, Christmas Day or New Year’s Day. However, you can do your best.

Make the Most of the Holiday

No matter what has happened, you can still try to avoid what’s left of your holiday. If someone is in the hospital, you may be able to bring some food for them and sit at their bedside. If dinner is ruined, you could still be able to find somewhere to get takeout. Even if the day is a write-off, consider recreating it another time. Choose a day when everyone can get together again, and you can all pretend that it’s still the holidays.

No one wants a crisis to spoil their holiday, but it doesn’t have to ruin everything. Take control as soon as you can to salvage as much as possible.

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