Christmas Party Ideas for the College Students

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Christmas time is a special time of the year, and this time is especially important for those in college. When you’re a student on campus, it can be harder to find opportunities to socialize. This is why planning a party for your college students every holiday season is a great way for them to engage in the spirit and merriment of the holiday. When planning Christmas party ideas for college students, think about what they enjoy most. Is it food? Video games? Or just being with old friends? The best way to start planning is to figure out what they would like most and make it happen. We will also help you understand how to structure an essay.

friends celebrating Christmas together

Things to take into consideration for your Christmas Party

There are several factors to consider when planning a Christmas party. Among those include;

1. Send out invitations

The first part of your decorations will be your invitations. You can make your own or get them online. Just make sure that they’re decorated in such a way as to entice people to come to your party. When sending them out, make sure that you send them out early enough so that people can plan on coming, but not so early. Send out invitations 2-3 weeks before the party date. This will give everyone enough time to plan accordingly, especially when traveling far away.

2. Set the mood

Choose your theme. Would you like to have a “White Christmas,” “Merry & Bright,” or an “All I Want For Christmas” theme? Renting costumes is easy and inexpensive nowadays, especially if you rent at Halloween. Decorate the house. To get in the holiday spirit, deck your home out with lots of decorations, such as lights (both inside and outside), colorful garlands, wreaths, and even mistletoe! Ensure that all the electrical cords are placed where they can’t be tripped over. Consider hanging some mistletoe somewhere in the house for some extra holiday fun.

3. Play games

You can organize an indoor game like charades, Pictionary, or even an outdoor game like capture the flag or group football. This will help your friends bond better as they have to work together to win the games. Also, games like Charades and Pictionary can get everyone laughing and help people loosen up to open presents without feeling self-conscious about it. And if you’re going for games with winners and losers, it might be best to avoid playing gift exchange games until everyone has opened their gifts.

4. Watch Movies

On Xmas eve, you and your college buddies can watch some good old Christmas movies like “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “A Christmas Carol.” Watching Christmas movies like Elf, Polar Express, and It’s a Wonderful Life; singing carols around the fireplace or while roasting marshmallows in the backyard fire pit; having snowball fights; making snow angels; making snowmen; playing make believe in a snowy winter wonderland.

5. Sing Carols

This is one of the best ways to bring out the true spirit of Christmas. If possible, get a guitar and sing some old carols like “Silent Night,” “Blue Christmas,” “White Christmas,” and many more similar songs.

6. Food/drinks

On the subject of food, the number one contribution to Christmas dinner might be booze, but there are other ways of entertaining one’s guests at a party. There are many great things that both beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers alike can enjoy. You could always go for some great microbrews or even home beers for the beer drinkers if you’re that crafty. While most colleges and universities are trying to get away from old-fashioned kegger parties, not everyone has done so, and a kegger is still possible.

7. Music

Holiday music has a magic all its own. Listeners can’t help but tap their toes when they hear “Winter Wonderland” or “Jingle Bells.” The key here is consistency: Choose one type of music and stick with it throughout your event. If your guests are drinking and mingling, upbeat holiday tunes are perfect; if they’re eating dinner together, stick with something more subdued. If you’re not sure what will work best for your party, check out some holiday CDs at your local record store and experiment with different selections of music. 

Different Types of Party Environments to Fit Your Needs

What’s the best place to have a party? It might sound like a silly question, but it can be a bit trickier than you might think. After all, parties can be held at restaurants, in the park and even at the beach. Homes are the best places to have a party. They are more comfortable and convenient. You can decorate it according to your requirement, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after the party. You need not worry about the noise level either because you can close your door and relax peacefully upstairs.

Having a party at one’s own home allows one to enjoy themselves and guests get good hospitality when they visit someone’s home. When you invite your friends over, they feel special, and you want their company too as they are relaxed and can freely share their experiences with you.

What are some ways to keep your party festive?

You can do many things to make sure your party is a hit. First, it’s important to have a theme and ensure that everyone attending knows what that theme is. You can do this with invitations, decorations, or even the food you serve. You should also plan the menu well in advance to know how much food and drink you’ll need. For example, if you’re serving cocktails, put out a bowl of snacks, so people don’t arrive starving.


Whether you are a college student or faculty member yourself or a friend who needs party ideas, start by checking out these Christmas party ideas for college students that we have compiled for you. Most of these ideas are very inexpensive and will allow you to still enjoy the holiday season without having to spend all your money on presents and Christmas parties.

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