6 Clever Ways to “Travel” With Your Family While You’re Stuck at Home

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You may be socially isolated now, but, the truth is, you never know when you’ll be stuck at home with the fam. Whether you face inclement weather, low funds, a sick family member or, of course, a global pandemic, you can’t go anywhere. It’s a great chance to spend time together, but you wish you could be traveling. 

With a bit of creativity, you can go anywhere you want, even when you’re stuck at home. Here’s how to travel with the family from the comfort of your abode: 

1. Bust Out the Travel Books

One way to transport your mind to a new place is to read about it. Perhaps you and your family have a trip on the horizon. Or, you had one in the books, but it got delayed by quarantine. You can use travel books to prep what you want to do — and send your mind to another corner of the world. 

Even without travel plans, though, books can open your mind to new ideas and spark future travel plans. So, choose well-received travel literature or destination guides as your jumping-off point. Then, get to reading, discovering and planning for your next getaway. 

2. Watch Movies Set in Faraway Places

You can also send your mind on vacation with a movie set somewhere far away. Perhaps there’s a place you’ve always wanted to visit. Search online to see if you can find any movies with that location as their setting. Then, rent, watch and reap the travel inspiration. 

Plenty of children’s and family movies take place far away, too. You could give your kids the travel bug by introducing them to such films. And piquing their interest now could mean the whole family will want to explore the world once they’re out of the house. 

3. Prep Foreign Foods

Next, you can explore the world through its many culinary delights. Food is a great way to introduce your kids to new cultures, even if they haven’t left home. 

If they’re old enough, let your children research other cuisines and choose dishes they’d like to try. Spend an afternoon prepping the food together. Then, complete the project by having your kids share their research over dinner. Where does the dish come from? Where in the world is that? And why should the family visit there someday? Then, dig in. 

4. Take a Virtual Tour

The internet has endless information for you to explore — great news for restless, quarantined travelers. You and your kids can still explore far-flung places, thanks to the world wide web. 

Start with Google Maps, where you can virtually traipse the streets of major cities around the world. Take a walk by the Eiffel Tower or climb the Great Wall of China. Your kiddos will remember this when you all finally get to see these places in real life. 

Plenty of museums have made their collections virtual during this time, too. Google can help you find arts and culture tours online. You can also visit websites for the world’s most famous museums — the Louvre, the British Museum, the Vatican — and they have virtual tours, as well. 

5. Study a Language

Need a family project to keep you busy? You and your family can spend a few minutes every day brushing up on a new language. 

Apps such as Duolingo make it easy for you and your little ones to practice virtually. You can let everyone choose a language that interests them, or select a tongue together so you can all practice and put your knowledge to good use on a family trip. Either way, language is a great way to connect to a new culture, no matter where you are. 

6. Plan What’s Next

We already touched on this idea with the travel book suggestion. However, it’s worth reiterating — now’s the perfect time to plan your next trip. 

For one thing, you have the whole family together and engaged. Ask them where they want to go. Have everyone research their ideas and present why it’s the best spot for a vacation. Then, everyone can vote on where they want to go. 

Researching a new place, scoping out pictures, finding activities… all of this will help transport you somewhere, even if you can’t visit at the moment. And, we promise, once you get the chance to visit, it will make your visit that much sweeter since you’ve had to wait so long. 

Mental Trip Now, Real One Later

The current climate’s not allowing you to travel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go anywhere. You can explore the world with a book, a film, the internet… the possibilities are endless. So, start your journey now — soon enough, you’ll be able to discover all of these places in real life with your family by your side.

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