Cling Film Manufacturers Improve Food Handling

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Kitchen with food, fruits and vegetables placed.

Cling wrap manufacturers are improving the food handling capabilities of homes and commercial kitchens. There was a time when food had to be consumed shortly after being prepared, or it would go bad and be unsellable. There was a lot of pressure on the commercial kitchens of the era to prepare food quickly and sell it just as quickly. 

This preparation haste compounded the inherent problems of food handling and exposed food to more bacteria and germs. Kitchens that otherwise enjoyed a quality reputation could be shut down due to a case of food poisoning. 

The commercial food industry was faced with a problem. They couldn’t increase the time between preparation and selling their products without risking contaminating the food. They also had to be aware of their preparation methods to ensure that little to no bacteria could contaminate the food. But a product was about to be invented that reduced the contamination problem for both home and commercial kitchens and made the fresh food vending industry more viable. 

Invention of Cling Wrap

The first cling wrap material was invented for another purpose entirely. The material was called polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC), with the marketing name of Saran. It was created as a protective spray to coat the exterior of fighter planes in the US and later used as a protective finish on car upholstery. 

In 1933, a worker at Dow Chemical Company discovered that the material, when dry and formed into sheets, had a clingy quality and served as an effective air-tight barrier. Work refining the material commenced, and Saran Wrap was introduced commercially in the US in 1949. The term ‘Saran wrap’ is still used in the US as a generic term for any brand of cling film.

Revitalizing the Food Industry

These days it has completely revitalized the food industry and is a common tool found in every kitchen. The two main features of cling wrap are the completely air-tight barrier it provides and the clinginess of the film that enables it to be sealed so tightly. 

The air-tight barrier lengthens the time that food remains fresh by keeping it hydrated longer. The barrier also protects the food from bacteria as the food is being handled and moved from place to place. 

The clinginess of the film makes it easy to use. Food handlers can wrap up any food tightly and securely and ensure that nothing reaches the food surface during preparation and display. 

M Wrap® Enhances the Food Industry’s Capabilities

MMP Corporation has introduced M Wrap® cling film, and it has become a trusted standard in both home and commercial kitchens. It makes use of cling film cost-effective as well as hygienic and efficient in busy, high-volume kitchens. 

M Wrap® serves the needs of the airline, catering, grocery and hotel industries, as well as any industry that needs to keep food fresh and hygienic. See how much M Wrap® can improve your kitchen’s operations.

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