Clothing Brands with a Focus on Mental Health

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Although society has not always embraced the importance of mental health, luckily, things have changed in recent years. These days, the vast majority of the world is well aware of not only the importance of maintaining sound mental health but also the importance of coming together to help others who may be dealing with mental health issues. Therefore, many companies and organizations are now supporting this most worthy cause by raising funds, donating goods, and starting initiatives to help those suffering from mental health issues.


Given that we are a woman-owned company, we know first-hand how important supporting social justice issues really is. We are highly passionate about taking the time to support causes and brands that we believe are worthy. We love to provide our customers with amazing clothing and accessories from premium brands, but we love to work with brands that have a purpose even more. Also known as social impact fashion, here at J’aime, we pride ourselves on being a social impact fashion brand. This means we go above and beyond to find and work with brands that support social justice and other related causes that are helping to change the world for the better. 

As such, we have partnered with several organizations directly. They are as follows:

  • Books for Kids
  • Freedom for All
  • Vibrant Emotional Health
  • The National Suicide Prevention Hotline

We have a goal of allowing our customers to literally wear their hearts on their sleeves. Rather than simply shopping for the sake of style, we encourage our customers to shop with brands that are helping to make a difference in humanity. This has led us to find several amazing brands that support mental health treatment and awareness. To completely get rid of any serious long history of working with
adolescents struggling with mental health issues can take the mental health treatment
program for teens.

Maison de Choup

Established in 2014 as a small T-shirt company that was inspired by the founder, George David Hodgson’s personal struggle with OCD and anxiety, Maison de Choup is a company that has gained a loyal following of those who believe in the importance of good mental health. Offering a variety of inspirational, minimalist designs, this clothing brand features neutral colors and modern fonts that attract people from all walks of life. 


An acronym that stands for Dreams Rule Everything Around Me, D.R.E.A.M. is a clothing company that has a goal (or dream) of de-stigmatizing mental illness. This unisex clothing brand is based in Los Angeles and creates streetwear, such as T-shirts, skateboard decks with edgy designs. Although some of the designs tend to be on the darker side of things, the overall message of this brand is to provide people with an uplifting message about the ups and downs of life. 

Boys Get Sad Too

For those who are interested in supporting brands that focus on the mental health of boys, in particular, Boys Get Sad Too is such a brand. This brand seeks to address the fact that boys and men are discouraged from expressing emotions, which tends to lead to mental health issues. This brand offers clothing such as T-shirts, baseball caps, hoodies, baseball caps, and more. They also come in very vibrant colors, such as yellow, pink, coral, etc., which is yet another example of how this brand seeks to break stigmas in terms of men being more expressive. 


Another brand that supports mental health is Jansport. This brand has recently started to go above and beyond to provide mental health resources to young kids in need. While Jansport carries things such as book bags and other accessories, it is quickly becoming a brand that people are associating with creating mental health awareness. 

Kenneth Cole

Although Kenneth Cole has been around for quite a while, they recently started to focus their attention on helping those in need of mental health services. In fact, the founder recently started the Mental Health Coalition, which is another organization that wants to break the stigmas surrounding mental health. Moreover, the coalition also works with a wide array of organizations to help further mental health awareness as a whole. Kenneth Cole makes a wide variety of clothing and accessories such as shoes, belts, glasses, and much more. 


Lululemon has been a beloved brand for women’s activewear and accessories for quite some time, and their recent mental health initiatives have made us love them even more. In particular, Lululemon has created Peace on Purpose, which is a collection of meditation tools. This includes workshops that are hosted by mindfulness experts that are skilled at helping people combat stress, anxiety, depression, and more. 

If you are looking to support brands that focus on mental illness, this list is a great place to start. No matter if you suffer from mental health issues yourself, or if you simply have a loved one who does, these brands not only provide trendy clothing, but they also provide uplifting messages, funds, and other resources that help those who may be struggling mentally. While there are plenty of other brands that support mental health, these are excellent brands to support. These brands are slowly changing the way we view fashion while also providing the world with a wide array of premium quality clothing and accessories. 

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