Common Leftover Foods You Can Reheat

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Common leftovers are usual in every home, and people love to reuse them the very next day. But it is often said that the leftovers could be harmful and react badly if left for a more extended period. You can find the foul smell, growing up of fungus, or change in the color of food. It often happens that people make extra food and preserve the extra one for eating later. Doing so refrains them from cooking the meal again. These can be seen usually while carrying early morning tiffin. All leftovers don’t harm you; in fact, some can quickly go for a more extended period. This article has listed out typical leftover food that you can reheat and enjoy the next day. 


People usually store sufficient milk for a day or two as milk is used for various purposes. There cannot be survival without tea or coffee so having enough milk in your home is necessary. You can quickly reheat it in the microwave and use it for at least two days. The best way to use it is to heat the fresh milk before storing it and keep it in airtight containers. The milk bought in sealed airtight packets can also be refrigerated and frozen, further reheated for being used.


Vegan food is all over our list while including vegetables. Vegetables must be reheated to extract all the dirt, insects, and chemicals from within. Vegetarian food is much safer to be reheated and can go for longer runs if refrigerated. Make sure to add your ingredients wisely if planning to keep it for a day. You can splash some water for the raw vegetables to maintain the juiciness and store them in the refrigerator for 3-4 days and cook when needed.

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There is no harm in reheating the potatoes, which have been kept in airtight containers. But it would be good to have plain potatoes rather than the fried ones, as reheating them could turn them out soggy. The best potatoes for reheating include mashed, boiled, and other cooked ones. 

Loved reheating potatoes? I bet you do love french fries too. In case you have leftover french fries in your fridge, you can read Bloggingoodfood’s guide to reheat fries in order to make them taste as good as the original.


Cheese is the favorite ingredient of all to flavor up your dishes. The authentic taste only comes after microwaving the dish. The best way to give your touch to the leftovers is to add cheese to the refrigerator before two cooking hours. Make sure to finish your dish within two days of being cooked to avoid any harm.


Pasta exhibits in the category of starchy food, and the best way to store it is in an airtight container. This way, you can easily reuse it and by reheating it in the microwave. Who doesn’t love having pasta in midnights while watching your favorite movie, but not everyone is willing to cook it up. These leftovers work as a savior during your lazy moods.


People believe that rice turns out to be toxic after reheating in the microwave, which is not true at all. Rice is the favorite meal of all, and one would love to store it for having it later with their famous curry. You need to maintain the time gap between cooking and reheating the rice to avoid it from getting toxic. The best way to do this is to refrigerate it for an hour, at least after cooking.


Chicken lovers wait for the next day eagerly to grab the leftovers. 2 -5 mins of reheat is sufficient for the chicken. You can also deep freeze and reheat while tossing the sides, but the flavor may get dull and nasty. The same can happen with other non-vegetarian food like poached eggs, boiled eggs, and pork. The maximum limit up to which they can be reheated is two times for five minutes to make it last longer.


Many more of your favorites go on the list, like pizza, your favorite desserts, or Chinese like noodles. All this can be reheated and enjoyed with your famous curries. So next time, do not hesitate to reheat your favorite leftovers!

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