Communicating with people: How to Ask Questions That Keep Conversations Going

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Recall the most recent conversation you had with someone you just met for the first time. Was the situation awkward? Did you feel intimidated by the other person? Are you worried whether they found you interesting or not? 

Talking to people can be a challenge for numerous reasons. Sometimes it is not easy to communicate well with your friends or family. Not all communication is good communication, and not all conversations are interesting if you do not know how to ask all the right questions. So get the right communication skills to meet new people and improve your relationships. 

When getting to know someone, don’t ask questions that create a weak opening and don’t leave much room for more conversation. Don’t ask boring questions. Avoid letting the conversation go stale; instead, try to keep it exciting and fun.

There are numerous questions that you can ask people. Be versatile and relate to the theme of the environment to pique their interests!

Setting the tone of the conversation:

With the correct tone, you can make the right impression and create a memorable experience for all parties involved. Choose a friendly and approachable tone of the conversation. These questions can be humorous, flirtatious, serious or intellectually stimulating. Ask them interesting questions. These kinds of questions can make people interested in speaking to you. People like to feel acknowledged and heard. They want to know that you care about what they have to say when talking to them.

What questions can you ask strangers?

You can ask them some encouraging, positive things such as asking about their accomplishments, things that make them happy, their favorite childhood memories and moments they are grateful for.

To dig deeper, you can ask them about their fears, an experience that made a significant impact on them or their loved ones and who they look up to.

Also, improve the quality of all your conversations by learning to speak with your loved ones better.

What questions can you ask your family? 

Ask your parents questions related to their relationship by asking how they met, what their first date was, where they went on their honeymoon and what their wedding day was like.

Ask your siblings and friends questions about their personal lives – but do not be too invasive. For example, ask them how their friends are doing, do they have any plans for college and whatever else is going on in their lives.

Use pick-up lines on a guy you saw from across the bar or the pretty girl you met at a party that comes across as friendly and does not drive the other person away.  Compliment them, use corny pickup lines or be direct yet polite. Let them know that they caught your attention and start with simpler questions before asking deeper, personal ones. 

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