Comprehensive Guide for Your South African Safari – How To Have a Great Time!

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When it comes to a safari in South Africa, it is full of a wide range of attractions, starting from the game drive to great migration to witnessing the Big 5. This is an ideal trip with friends, family, or as a couple. Here, you see the predators and herbivores in their natural habitat. Along with that, an avid birdwatcher can also witness a rare variety of birds that are explicitly found in this location. Among all of these, you must not miss out on the Big Five safari at the Kruger National Park. You can choose your accommodation based on your preferences and dive into a journey of exciting, breathtaking natural beauty. 

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So, let’s help you with a detailed guide for your South African adventure plan.


The southernmost part of Africa and houses the most lucrative fields, landscapes, and wildlife. The Great Escarpment surrounds the vast plateau; in the southern part, you can see a semi-desert region, the Great Karoo. The sparsely populated area fades into the Kalahari Desert in the northwest. The highest part is Highveld, and the lowest part is Lowveld, where Kruger National Park is situated. On the east, you can find the famous Garden Route.

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The accommodation can be tricky when the season peaks with many crowds. You can book tented camps or lodges with all the luxuries, such as spa treatment and cultural visits. You can either opt for a private stay or a group trip. The price can vary from $500 to $1800, depending on the facilities you opt for during your South Africa safari.


The Greater Kruger: A Big 5 Capital

The best destination in South Africa is the Greater Kruger, a Big Five capital. Here, you can go in two seasons: summer, which starts in November and ends in March, or winter, which begins in June and lasts until August. For the rainy season, you have to pick dates between November and April, and for the high season, you have to come between July and October. 

Based on the climate and the chance for game viewing, you must visit this area from late May to October, a dry season. You can also choose a rainy summer where you can see the newborns and sensational birds. The landscape appears lush green, and the climate is excellent and refreshing. However, this area falls into the malaria zone, so it is always advised to visit during the summer when the risk is less. 

During the peak season, you can find excellent, sunny weather without rain. The night and early morning are cold. You get to witness the Big 5—elephants, buffalos, lions, leopards, and rhinos. During the green season, you would find hot afternoons and frequent thunderstorms. Also, you can witness the Big 5, newborns, and birds.

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Summing it up

If you want to enjoy the South African safari to the fullest, it’s always recommended to spend one night at the private reserve of Kruger, which adjoins the national park. You can also view the game in a crowd-free environment. You can also opt for night drives or guided walks to explore the off-road adventure. Also, there are open-top tree houses and camps that offer a clear view of a kill or spotting a rare animal.

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