Confronting Painful Emotions and Being Able to Deal with Grief – Steps To Take

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Within our hearts, we always know that death is an inseparable part of our lives and it is due to death that we can understand how precious our life is. Grieving the loss of someone loved is a huge challenge like no other. What are the ways in which you can heal your emotional wounds and come to terms with the loss that you face? When you think of the memories that you shared with that person, don’t you find it tough to imagine a life without that person?

Doctors, especially oncologists see people fight with death and die everyday. Families who are not prepared for the repertoire of emotions usually find themselves swept over with such feelings and they suddenly get hysterical. Though they knew death was imminent for them, they still feel grievous. While there are some who can read grief quotes and find solace.

How to ease off the entire process of healing of grief

If you have recently lost your mother, death will give you an insight on the way you can deal with grief. Though there are no quick fixes for this kind of anguish, you have to take steps to cope with grief. Here are few suggestions.

  • Know that grief is normal

Grief is normal and it is an expected response to death, the sadness, the extreme pain, anger, disbelief and guilt. It is the numbness, tears and the physical exhaustion and the longing for the people who they have lost. It is a normal feeling that you will feel surprised by the intensity and extent of the grief.

  • Give yourself enough time to mourn for the loss

When you mourn for a loss, this is a public or outward expression of grief and this means sharing grief with people you know. Cultural traditions, religious rituals and personal beliefs shape the way in which we mourn. Irrespective of the form it takes, mourning is a crucial process which lessens the intensity of the sadness and lets you adapt to the loss.

  • Don’t make big decisions when you’re sad

Grief might impair your ability to make sound decisions. In case it is possible, you should postpone all sorts of huge decisions like taking a new job, moving or making some big financial decision. In case you need to make an important decision, seek help of a trusted friend or family member.

So, now that you know how to deal with grief, don’t fall weak when grief affects you. Try to stay strong at the face of all adversities.

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