Considering Gas Ducted Heating for your Home

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Gas Ducted Heating + Evaporative Cooling Installation, Sales & Repairs in  Melbourne

If you are looking into an option for a heating system in your home and are thinking of ducted heating installation you might want to consider gas. It is a very effective way to heat your home and it is very energy-efficient. No more frosty mornings where you do not even want to get out of bed, or cold stormy nights where you have to throw on multiple sweaters and cuddle under blankets. Have a warm home when you need it! Here is a look at why choose gas and what the advantages are to ducted heating.

Why choose to use gas for your central heating?

A lot of people do not even realise that gas is an option when it comes to ducted heating. But it is for many people and it makes a lot of sense. It is a great way to heat your home and you are creating fewer emissions so it is better for the environment than solid fuel heating or electric heating. Regardless of what the temperatures are outside your gas ducted system will keep working efficiently, compared to an electric system that will lose some efficiency when temperatures drop to a certain point. Because of this the gas still costs less to run because it is not struggling to maintain the warmth.

A gas ducted heating installation Melbourne experts can offer also has other benefits like not drying out the air which can cause skin problems and irritation to the throat and eyes in some people. You are also not having to deal with the large and bulky units that come with some electric heating systems so you save space. Heating with gas rather than electric tends to be more cost-effective.

What are the benefits of choosing gas ducted heating?

1) The great thing about ducted heating is that you can create zones in the home or for different times of the day so that you are not wasting energy heating a room no one is using. You can also set it so that if you prefer your bedroom cooler and you want your living room warmer you can have that. Or maybe you have elderly relatives living with you who is always cold and need their rooms set warmer. Then you can have the heating set so that it is lower or off when you are at work and back on a little bit before you return so the rooms you need are ready when you return.      

2) Modern gas ducted heating systems are a lot more energy-efficient than older versions and compared to some other common heating options. You can have more precise control of the fan speed, have a more consistent temperature and no more worrying over whether the pilot light has gone out! While it is an investment to have it put in, that is an investment you will get your money back on and will not regret.  

3) As mentioned they are a lot cheaper than many other heating systems so, in times when electricity bills are on the rise, gas might be the answer.   

4) Ducted heating installation is more flexible with gas as if there is not enough space under the floor it can go in the ceiling. If you want to also have refrigerated cooling along with heating using the same ductwork you can but you need it installed at the same time. Then you have a central cooling system in the summer too with all the same advantages like zones and efficiency!    

5) Programmable so that you can have it turn on an hour before you wake up so your bedroom and bathroom are not making you shiver when you get up in the morning!      

6) Ducted gas heating is better for the environment so if the greener choice is something very important to you that is something to keep in mind. They create about a third of the greenhouse gases that an electric reverse cycle system creates. 

What does gas ducted installation look like?

It is easier to put in ducted heating when the house is being built. It can be done at another time but it is a big renovation process. On average a home needs between 6 and 10 outlets for the ducted gas heating to be effective. If your home is larger though you might need as many as 16. This kind of thing depends on things like the heights of your ceilings, the design and size of the house and more.

The size or output is measured in kilowatts (kw). There are 3 main sizes, the largest at 28 to 35kw, the next at 18 to 21 kw and the smallest at 14 to 16 kw. Your specialist will talk to you about how large your home is and what size you need. There are 3 to 5 star efficiency ratings on ducted heaters. The 3 stars tend to be more affordable but lower efficiency and then you have better efficiency when you go up in stars, but they cost more upfront. You will also find a 3 star model regulates the temperature by turning it on and off. Higher efficiency ducted heating installation systems will be able to increase and decrease and keep a more consistent temperature. You usually find you have got your money back because of the better efficiency after about 5 years.


It is important to work with an expert for gas ducted heating installation Melbourne situated. They can help you with whether gas is possible, how to make that change if you have not used it before, and what system is best for your home and your needs. Investing in an efficient heating system is a great plan that will pay off over the mid to long term. Just look for installers with experience, who are professional, trustworthy, licensed and have good reviews.

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