Conversations you and your Teenage Child need to have

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Teenage is a difficult phase of life for both the child and the parents. The child feels misunderstood whilst the parent’s only intention is to keep them safe.

However, if parents talk to their children and guide them things would be much easier to deal with. But first when you talk to them don’t make them feel that they can’t make decisions. Rather try to be their friend and explain things.

1.     Online World

By now they have access to a digital device. Instead of putting up locks and checking their phones talk to them about the dangers of the virtual world. The dangers can be sending inappropriate pictures, getting cyberbullied, getting stalked, or phished. If you make them aware they will be on their guard against these things (you can’t monitor them all the time). Also, this will open a communication channel and they will be able to come to you if they get in trouble.

2.     Illegal drinking

Doing risky things at this age is like an adrenaline rush, hence experiment with drinking alcohol or going to clubs. It is easy to do these days because there are websites like from here they can easily get a fake id and it will be so real that you will have trouble proving it as a fake. Make them aware of the consequences so that even if they get curious they know what will happen if they get caught – this might put them off doing that.

3.     Unhealthy food

With them being busy in classes, internships, and extracurricular activities. Children often end up consuming food like burgers, pizza, and Chinese all the time. Teach them a few easy tricks to make food at home and warn them about the dangers of obesity. It is an important conversation before they head to university.

4.     Intimacy

Their sex-ed class may have taught them about the protection but you should probably have that talk with them again.  Teen pregnancy is so common and other dangers come in that territory like aids and STDs. You can’t stop them but remind them to be safe at all times.

5.     Coffee and energy drinks

Due to huge loads of assignments and the intense exam pressure, the young ones are up all night studying and working whilst chugging on drinks. Remind them that nothing is more important than their health you can also suggest them to replace this with healthy drinks like shakes or milk.

6.     Driving

Having a driving license can be enthralling to anyone. So before you, hand over the car keys to them tell them not to use their cellphones when driving and never go over the speed limit no matter what the emergency.

At this age, they are at the apex of almost being an adult. If you treat him/her as an adolescent they’ll drift apart. So try to understand them, be their friend rather than punishing them because they need you to understand them.

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