Cook Works 13-Piece Super Slicer Set by Art + Cook #OMHoliday16

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Cook Works 13 Piece Super Slicer #OMHoliday16If you are looking for the perfect gift for the foodie in your life, I have the thing for you! Art + Cook’s 13 piece Super Slicer Set is sure to be a hit with them. I know it has made cooking and baking so much easier for me!

Art and Cook was founded in 2003. They published their cookbook, titled “Art and Cook: Love Food, Live Design and Dream Art” and won design awards in three different countries. Then in 2006 they launched a line of kitchen tools that use new technologies and innovative shapes to produce more productive ways of cooking. You can learn more about Art and Cook at
The Cook Works 13-piece super slicer has so many valuable tools that every cook needs in their kitchen. This includes tools to chop, whip, spin, and prep! Chop with the triple stainless steel blade to chop and dice fruits and vegetables with ease. You get even chopping each time, which is great. You receive an egg beater blade for making cakes, omelets, whipped cream, and more. You even get an egg separator attachment to prep egg whites and yolks with ease.

Do you enjoy crisp lettuce? Use the salad spinner to wash and spin your salad. And don’t forget the slicing, julienne, and grate blades for vegetables, cheese and more.

Cook Works 13 Piece Super Slicer #OMHoliday16Here is the full list of items you receive with the Art + Cook Cook Works 13-Piece Super Slicer

  • All-In-One Lid
  • Attachment Lid
  • Hand Guard
  • Non-Skid Bowl
  • Salad Spinner
  • Yolk Separator
  • Stainless Steel Triple Blade
  • Egg Beater Blade
  • Zesting Blade
  • Grating Blade
  • Slicing Blade

We have been loving Cook Works’ 13 Piece Super Slicer. It really has made cooking, baking, and prep an ease. I enjoy delicious crisp lettuce in my salads several times a week, along with fresh grated cheese and veggies. Oh, and mixing cake ingredients and making homemade whipped cream is easy-peasy. I definitely recommend this great Art + Cook product – you and your gift recipient will not be disappointed! Order yours from or pick yours up at your local Walmart store today.

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  1. Allison Swain says

    What a cool item! I would totally put this to use daily multiple times. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I need to get one of these to help me in the kitchen. It is really hard to cut up vegetables the way I do. I will have to make sure to get a set of the Super Slicer!

  3. Brandi Dawn says

    I would love to have one of these for Christmas! I really like all in one kind of products.

  4. I would love to get this slicer. It would make cooking easier

  5. I bought this but you get no booklet with it.. I do like it but many items that came with it I don’t know what they are for .. Would have been nice to get instructions..

  6. It always looks so easy when you see it on tv. But I find myself going back to just using my knife.

  7. Shirley Swoope says

    I bought one of these today at Walmart to see if it would rice cauliflower. It did perfectly!

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