Coolest Natural Features in Idaho to Visit in an RV

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There are tons of different ways to do a vacation. You can travel to a far-flung land, spend your days at amusement parks, or work on your tan at the beach. However, one of the best ways to vacation, especially with kids, is by renting an RV from Outdoorsy!

That’s definitely true if you and your family want to get closer to nature in Idaho. When you’re on the road, make sure you check out these cool natural features that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Sand Dunes

Visiting Bruneau Dunes State Park can be disorienting, but that’s what makes it so much fun! This park features rolling hills of sand that will make you think you’ve magically transported to another continent. Off-roading isn’t allowed, but you can bet the kids will be excited about attempting to climb and run on the sand without losing their footing.

The park is also home to a public observatory. Because the dunes are in the middle of nowhere, there’s no darker place to observe the stars in all their glory.

The Moon

The dunes will make you feel like you’ve transported yourself to a desert landscape in another country, but the Craters of the Moon National Monument will make you feel like you’ve landed on another planet.

Instead of creating mountains, the volcanic forces at the park created vast lava fields. The views are so eerie that astronauts have used the park in the past to prepare themselves to land on the moon.

There are a few surprising things you can do at the park as well which include:

  • Hiking on a paved trail
  • Explore the caves
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Snowshoeing

Shoshone Falls

It surprises many Idaho visitors to learn that the state is home to a large and impressive waterfall inside Shoshone Falls park. It is over 200 feet high and 900 feet wide. That makes this waterfall higher than the one at Niagara Falls!

If you really want to be impressed by the falls, visit in the spring and early summer to see a more impressive display. The rest of the year, water is used for irrigation in the area, which slows them down and makes them much less impressive.

Hells Canyon

Although not as popular as the Grand Canyon, Hells Canyon is definitely worth a visit. As a matter of fact, it is actually America’s deepest river gorge!

There is something for every ability level and age at the canyon. Stick to easy-to-reach scenic vistas or do a little whitewater boating. It’s a great place to take the RV because there are plenty of places to park the trailer. There are even some scenic driving opportunities!

There’s a lot more to Idaho than what meets the eye. From water to sand, rock, and trees, the natural forces of this state have been hard at work transforming the landscape. If you want to get a little closer to nature, you should definitely pack up the kids and visit one of the spots on this list!

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