Crackin’ Fun Facts About Chiropractic Care

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Chiropractic care is a method of holistic pain management that has grown to popularity within the past few years. This form of treatment uses chiropractic adjustments to manually manipulate the spine back to its natural state, which helps to get your body back into alignment and promotes internal healing. But there is so much more to chiropractic care than simply cracking your spine. The following are some fun facts about this holistic and therapeutic treatment.

Chiropractic care started in Iowa, back in 1895

The father of chiropractic care, Daniel David Palmer, brought chiropractic treatment to the medical community in 1895. Palmer’s ideology was simple; he believed that if the spine was aligned and in its proper place, there would be a “positive ripple effect” all throughout the body. He would practice by studying the spine and manually pushing, pulling, and cracking the spine and its surrounding vertebrae into place. It turns out that he was actually onto something.

Back pain is a common ailment across the United States

The most common motivation for people to seek chiropractic treatment for chronic back pain. In fact, back pain is something that impacts a whopping 80 percent of Americans at least some point in their lives. This is due to the fact that many of us work at desks all day and aren’t active, putting our backs at risk for tension and stress from lack of movement.

Chiropractors offer more than just adjustments

While chiropractic care is centered around the spine, most chiropractic offices offer so much more. Places such as LaunchFit have plenty of offerings that relate to a person’s entire well-being, offering solutions such as cold laser therapy, IR heat, nutrient IV hydration drips, and therapy for sports injuries. Don’t feel as if your chiropractor has a very limited selection of treatment options, as they most likely have other health therapies you never would have thought of.

Chiropractors are doctors

When you visit a chiropractor, know that you will be treated by a trained doctor. While they cannot prescribe medications, Doctors of Chiropractic require quite vigorous training. This includes a minimum of 4,200 hours of classroom time, including lab and internships working under other chiropractors.

Chiropractors are most popular in the United States

Chiropractic therapy is the most popular in the United States, compared to the rest of the world. In fact, there are 50,000 chiropractors in the U.S, with the next most popular country being Japan, with only 10,000 chiropractors practicing there. There are about 5,000 in Canada and only one thousand in the United Kingdom. So it turns out that Americans are the world’s biggest fans of chiropractic therapy, making it a great place to seek treatment.

Those who visit chiropractors are more pleased with their results

Chiropractic care really does work, and it boasts the success stories of those who swear by this type of holistic treatment. In fact, according to The Gallup Organization, 90 percent of patients believe that their chiropractic therapy has been effective in their pain management. Plus, a good 58 percent of those chiropractic fans note that their chiropractic therapy is an essential part of their health insurance plan. In addition, chiropractic patients were three times more satisfied with their treatment than the one they got from their general practitioner’s office. 

Chiropractic therapy has a whole variety of benefits, and can truly improve a person’s health and wellbeing from the inside out. If you’re looking for such relief, get your spine adjusted today. Chances are, you won’t regret it.

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