Crafts with Your Kids: 5 Tips!

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Those darn summer holidays are just around the corner again. Where did all that free time go without your beloved cherubs taking up residency in your home when school’s out at the end of the year? It seems to pass so quickly you don’t realise how good you had it until it’s gone.

Anyway, isn’t having kids all about spending time with them? Though we may struggle to do it sometimes, it’s important to make time to enjoy quality activities with them. Sure, let them play on their tablets, smartphones, video game consoles and watch hundreds of Paw Patrol episodes or whatever they like these days. But, make time to do stuff with them. Even if it means getting a little old-school.

We’ve put a quick together a guide below. This will hopefully give you some great ideas. Ideas you could do with the little terrors. Whether it’s during the summer holidays, or the odd rainy day where they are just ‘soooo bored’, you’ll always have something you can do with them.

Get in the Kitchen and Bake, Bake, Bake a Cake!

It’s an oldie but a goodie. Everyone, young and old, loves a bit of cake, don’t they? Why not indulge your kid’s sweet tooth and love of all baked goods (and let’s face it yours as well, momma who are you kidding?). Even if you’re not a Martha Stewart or Mary Berry when it comes to creating divine and mouth-watering delights with just a few basic ingredients, it’s important to remember that’s all it takes. In many cases, the best cakes are those made with just eggs, flour, sugar and butter.

The best bit is the eating, anyway. Though before you get to that stage, there’s also the designing and decorating. That means icing. Hell, we’re salivating at the mere mention of the words cake and icing. We don’t know about you.

The best thing is your kids will enjoy just being able to have a go and make a mess.

Design some T-Shirts Together

This may not be as obvious an idea, but if you don’t mind spending out a little, you could invest in a cool heat press machine and start designing and making t-shirts. Even if your little ones are a little too, well, little to use the machine, they could help with the setup and the most fun part of it all – the designing. Perhaps they want to design one for a sick relative or maybe they want to come up with an exclusive family design you can all wear.

What’s more, when the novelty is worn off, you could even use the heat press machine for your own lucrative (potentially) side gig making and selling t-shirts and other personalised items. Click here to learn more.

Make Your Own Jewelery

Now, this is a nice and easy-going time killer of a crafting idea. Making your own jewelry is a lot easier than you might imagine and because the beauty is in the eye of the beholder and things like style and taste are very subjective, there are no hard and fast rules. Unless, of course, they are making something they want you to wear. It might not go down too well at the big important boardroom meeting with the shareholders if you wear yellow and orange earrings that look like something from Ru Paul’s Drag Race!

The cost of this little mess around with jewels and sparkly bits of whatever and glue, is not especially high and you can even just use stuff from around the house.

Have a Painting Competition

Why not see who is the family’s Rembrandt or maybe Salvador Dali with a painting competition? It doesn’t really cost very much, even if you need to buy some easels for each of your kids and yourself. You can even just go out into the back garden and paint something in the garden. Or better still, you could head to the local park or another scenic area. In the end, after you’ve all painted your masterpieces, you could then either vote between yourselves for your favorite, award you all something nice or get an independent adjudicator to choose, like a grannie or something.

Build a Craft

This might take more than just a day, but it will be more than worth it. You could gather together cardboard, other crafting items and make a fort for the little ones. There’s plenty of places you can check out online if you’re not technically minded.

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