Whatta Man! 7 Creative and Fun Birthday Ideas for Your Hubby

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Want to make your husband’s next birthday his best one yet? For starters, make sure you don’t forget about it!

Believe it or not, about one-third of people admit to forgetting their spouse’s birthday at some point in time. And while men are twice as likely to forget their partner’s birthday as women, there are also plenty of women out there who do it.

With this in mind, you should circle your hubby’s birthday on the calendar to ensure you remember it. You should also think up fun birthday ideas to make his day extra special.

Check out seven creative and fun birthday ideas that you can put to good use when celebrating your husband’s birthday below.

1. Plan a Surprise Birthday Party for Him

There are some people out there who hate surprises. If your spouse is one of these people, a surprise birthday party is probably not the best idea.

But over the years, surveys have shown that about 70% of people enjoy getting surprised on their birthday. If your spouse falls into this category, a surprise birthday party might be in order. Make sure you organize some fun games for the two of you to play at home for his special day.

Surprise birthday parties are an especially good idea for someone who is celebrating a milestone birthday. You should strongly consider planning a surprise party for your spouse if they’re getting ready to celebrate a 30th birthday, 40th birthday, or 50th birthday.

You should make sure you go over the top when planning a surprise party for your spouse, too. Come up with a great theme for it and customize it by doing things like taking the time to order koozies fast to celebrate the occasion.

We asked Adam who’s fiancé surprised him with an SEO themed birthday party, he said “It was a birthday like no other, not only was it SEO themed, but the cake was a Google logo. For an SEO nerd, this made my whole birthday.

2. Schedule a Birthday Dinner for Him With Close Family and Friends

Do you want to steer clear of surprising your spouse for their birthday? You might be better off going with a birthday dinner (that they know about in advance!) instead.

Rent out a room or, at the very least, a few tables at their favorite restaurant and invite their closest family members and friends to attend. Make sure their favorite dish will be on the menu that night as well so that they can eat tasty food and spend time with the people they love most in the world.

3. Score Him Tickets to a Big Game for His Birthday

Is your husband a diehard New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Cowboys, or Pittsburgh Penguins fan? Regardless of which team he roots for, he’ll love you so much for scoring him tickets to a big game on his favorite team’s schedule.

Since you’re going to be attending the game to celebrate a special occasion, you should go all out for it by buying tickets that will put you as close to the action as you can get. You should also pick your husband up a jersey, a hat, or another piece of apparel to wear to the game.

4. Arrange an Experience He’ll Never Forget for His Birthday

Depending on how old your husband is going to be on his birthday, there is a chance he might feel a little bit sad about getting older on his special day. Birthdays aren’t always happy occasions for those who feel like life is slipping past them.

Help your husband switch up his perspective by arranging for you both to take part in an experience that you won’t soon forget. That might mean swimming with sharks or it might mean jumping out of an airplane.

Whatever the case, you can make your husband feel young again by providing him with an opportunity to do something he’s never done before.

5. Book a Surprise Trip for His Birthday Weekend

Have you and your husband been talking about taking a trip to a special place for quite some time now? There is no time like the present to make that happen!

Your husband’s birthday will provide you with the perfect excuse to book a surprise trip without him knowing. You might even want to keep the surprise up until you arrive at your final destination to build up the suspense.

You and your husband will get to celebrate his birthday and make new memories as a couple at the same time when you use this idea.

6. Take Some Kind of Class Together to Celebrate His Birthday

One of the best ways to bring you and your husband closer is by learning a new skill together. Whether you’re learning how to cook a meal or paint a picture, you’ll have a fantastic time learning how to do it while you’re side-by-side. Gardening together is a wonderful way to build a stronger bond while making your garden beautiful. Before taking a gardening class, check out this infographic on Gardening for beginners for quick tips and tricks!

Sign you and your husband up for a class to celebrate his birthday to bring you both closer. You may also want to invite some other couples to tag along and take the class with you as part of your husband’s birthday celebration.

7. Agree to Go Somewhere You Swore You Would Never Go for His Birthday

Has your husband been hounding you to come to, say, a Bruce Springsteen concert for years now? At this point, he may have given up on the idea—which makes it the perfect time to agree to it.

Of all the fun birthday ideas on this list, this one might be the best one of all. You will make your husband so happy by agreeing to go with him to a concert, a ballgame, a show, or another event, even though it’s not your favorite thing in the world.

Put One of These Creative and Fun Birthday Ideas to the Test

As you can see, there are so many creative and fun birthday ideas that you can use to make your hubby’s next birthday special. It’s up to you to determine which of these ideas would work best for him.

If you know he loves surprises, a surprise birthday party would be right up his alley. If you’ve talked about taking a trip but struggled to find the time to get around to doing it, a surprise getaway might be a better option.

Think about which idea he would like the most and then start planning something out for him. He’ll appreciate you so much for going the extra mile on his birthday.

Check out our blog for more fun birthday ideas.

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