Creative First Birthday Party Themes Your Kids will Love in 2019

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A lot goes into planning a party, regardless of whether it is a wedding party, a bridal shower, or a birthday. When it comes to throwing your child their first birthday party, parents get a little too carried away in the details that they forget about making it fun for their kids. The idea is to allow them to have as much fun as possible while instilling in them some important values necessary for their adulthood. Check out some of the favorite go-to themes in 2019 that your child just got to love:

Fun, bright colors

Of course, colors are a key part of any birthday party, more especially for kids. However, the entire theme can be a fun bright color affair, more like the jellybean row in Canada. This kind of theme instills a sense of color and love for diversity in your child at an early age. This way, they do not grow up with a culture of gender specificity when it comes to their choices of fashion and colors.

Unicorn party

Unicorns are fun and often colorful, both of which are traits that kids love. If you are throwing a birthday party for your child, you want to provide them with a promising fantasy of riding in the clouds with their very own unicorn. This being one of the popular themes can be implemented with the help of a skilled Children Party organiser, there is so many innovative unicorn inspired partyware being availed in the market. So, why not give them a try?

Using disguise

Disguise is a trend that is catching on very well these days. It has a way of bettering the sense of curiosity that is already in most kids. In this theme, things are not what they seem to be. For example, a pumpkin can be pieces of candy stacked in a pumpkin-looking frame. Swans can be cookies. This is such a fun way to get your kids having fun, while still learning more about his/her environment.

A balloon galore

Balloons are a favorite for most kids unless your child is scared of clowns and that kind of thing. This theme can allow you to introduce a lot of fun and color in your party space. You can encourage your child, along with the friends to try and make different shapes and items with balloons. You can even make a balloon-like cake, especially if you know for sure that your child is fascinated by them.

A sports theme

Sports can be fun if you want them to. Whether ballet, football, or bowling, a sports theme could work great for your kid. The best thing about this theme is that it does not have to be gender specific. This way, when your child is all grown up and ready for school, they do not bear a mindset of a particular sport being for a certain gender. You want to consider their favorite toys and TV channel before you go all out with your home bowling alley for this theme.

However, since your child is still young, be careful with the amount of ‘realness’ you introduce when it comes to bringing in the partyware. The gaming gear and gaming tools should not in any way cause harm to your child or the kids attending the party. For a very young kid, say several months old it does not have to be their favorite game, toy or TV show. It can just be your favorite sport as a parent.

Spell it out

Spelling can be fun when integrated into a birthday theme idea. It is quite the trend right now, where people spell out the name of the birthday kid, the age they are turning, among other key details. You can be the parent to take it further by having a spelled-out birthday cake. Use the nicknames of your child to get the shorter versions of their name. The best bit is that you will also be training your child how to spell.

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