Cryptocurrency Trading Echange WhiteBIT

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A crypto trading exchange is a platform that enables users to conduct transactions with digital currencies, that is, sell, buy, swap cryptocurrency. Big crypto trading exchanges offer a much more comprehensive set of instruments, such as margin trading, p2p exchangers, etc. 

It might be challenging for beginner investors to pick a good cryptocurrency exchange platform. This article will try to underline the key features to pay attention to when choosing a platform to trade cryptocurrency.

A cryptocurrency exchange platform can be called credible if:

  • it demonstrates significant daily trade volume;
  • provides security for its clients;
  • offers a wide selection of assets;
  • provides different tools for trading and passive income;
  • has official registration.

When picking a cryptocurrency trading exchange, a user should pay attention to:

  • fees
  • AML and KYC standards
  • number of cryptocurrencies available
  • ability to buy crypto with fiat
  • methods to withdraw and deposit money.

Among existing platforms in the market, we can point out Binance, Coinbase, Kuna, OKEx, WhiteBIT, and many others. Let’s take a closer look at one of them.

WhiteBIT exchange

This cryptocurrency trading exchange was founded in Estonia. It corresponds to all AML and KYC standards.

The platform features a user-friendly interface and convenient mobile application. It allows clients to take advantage of smart staking, earning 30% of their deposit per year.

An attractive affiliate program allows receiving up to 40% of friends’ fees.

96% of assets are stored offline, so hackers can’t reach them in any way. Clients are offered to configure a two-factor authentication which will send a code to a client’s number every time one enters the account. Altogether, this provides a high level of security to WhiteBIT users. The company has founded an Insurance Fund to protect clients’ investments. 

The exchange charges a fee of 0,1% of transactions. When using bank cards, users should consider banks’ costs also.

The platform offers over 400 cryptocurrency pairs and fiat currencies, altcoins, and tokens. Beginners can take advantage of demo accounts to practice their trading skills.

The platform provides 24/7 support service to solve issues clients face in the process of trading.

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