Cultural Family Friendly Activities

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Getting your children interested in culture at a young age means they will be able to fully enjoy and appreciate it as an adult. It improves their intelligence, helps to open their mind, and allows them to grow mentally. When children can get excited about culture, and you’re able to get them away from modern technology, they are able to experience a beautiful new side of the world. Here are some cultural yet fun activities that all the family can enjoy.


A museum is a window to the past, and visiting museums allows you to explore and learn about what once was. You could visit general history or science museums, or search for more niche museums to find out more about specific topics or events. Knowing about the past allows us to appreciate where we came from and understand how things developed. Many museums have interactive and child-friendly sections. Exhibits are explained in a way that everyone can understand. You can find out what child-friendly activities are on in your local area by visiting a site like It’s a great day out that all the family can enjoy.


Live performances on stage are far more magical than anything you could emulate on a screen. Teaching your children an appreciation for performance and the arts will stimulate their imagination and creativity. There are plenty of child-friendly shows and performances. you can see what’s currently being shown on a site such as As they grow, you can take them to shows that suit their level of maturity. Another fun activity that all ages can appreciate.

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Art Gallery

Just like with great literature, great art transports us to another time and place. While science gives us the facts, art creates a narrative and lets us see through culture and history through a completely different ‘lens’. Whether it’s modern day art or that from the past, viewing and appreciating art is a great thing for children to do. Lots of galleries will offer child-friendly activities and exhibits too, to break up the day

Historic Houses and Grounds

Visiting a historic house and grounds is a fantastic family day out that’s a good alternative to just going to the park. You can walk around the scenic grounds, enjoy an alfresco lunch and take in the landscape and gardens. Then you can tour the house, many sites like this are rich in history and incredibly interesting to learn about. Some will even offer things like art exhibits inside, so you get that as an added bonus.


Many different communities hold annual fetes, festivals and carnivals, which are a good way for your child to learn about another culture (or their own). Featuring things such as street food vendors, music and performances it’s a fantastic way to immerse yourself in culture. You could search for things such as Caribbean festivals, Chinese festivals and Indian festivals. From there you will be able to see the different kind of events that are available near you.

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    My family loves to go to different festivals! It’s a great way to learn about different cultures!


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