Customer Experience: How To Make Potential Clients Trust Your Law Firm

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As a practicing attorney, delivering exceptional customer experience is crucial to retaining more clients. You want to ensure that you are delivering exceptional services that exceed your clients’ expectations. Because come to think about it, some clients will have unrealistic expectations when they come to you. And what do you do about them? Well, you’ll just have to deliver or meet them halfway – this is better than having nothing to show for it. 

When it comes to service delivery, it’s all about improving trust issues. Trust is an element that is rarely included in various law firm marketing campaigns, but an element that is needed for success. Trust is unquantifiable and you just cannot put a price on it. Most attorneys, however, will lose prospecting clients in an attempt to push those bounds. How? You might ask. Well, instead of focusing on the important elements that help retain clients, they’ll be more profit-oriented and will ignore the basic tactics of customer retention. Surprisingly, it’s not as hard as you might think. To help you out, here’s how to make potential clients trust your law firm. 

1. Is Your Website Designed To Convert?

Legal consumers are savvier than they used to be decades ago. Most clients will begin their search for an attorney online. And before they even do this, they’ll first conduct extensive research about their legal issues, checking for information that might help solve their situations. This means that when they get to you, they’ll have an idea of what to expect from your law firm. As an attorney, you need to ensure that your law firm website is designed to convert. This means offering solutions to prospecting clients before they even get to you. Dale Tincher, an endorsed web consultant, trainer, and promotion specialist from says that among the things that will make potential clients trust your law firm include designing a website that converts. Establishing trust, especially in an online context is not only critical, but it’s also difficult. To make it easier for you, here’s what you need to do:

  • Ensure that your law firm website design remains professional
  • Provide contact information on your website
  • Include customer reviews and testimonials
  • Update your content frequently
  • The “about us” page needs to be inviting
  • Showcase your achievements, expertise, and experience
  • Improve user experience by making your website navigable

2. Take Your Communication Skills A Notch Higher

Regrettably, a law firm should lose clients as a result of poor communication. The sole objective of establishing a law firm is to help clients who have legal problems. And how do you do this? Communicate! The absence of effective communication will disintegrate most, if not all of your aspirations and objectives. Before a client gets to you, they need to be greeted well at the front office. You need to have a welcoming receptionist, a comfortable reception area, provision of other comforts including water, coffee, and other goodies, and an ample parking space.

One thing to note is that effective communication skills, especially when it comes to a law firm, need to be founded on the basic understanding of human behavior and psychology. This is how you connect with prospective clients. Always ensure that you get back to your clients with an email, a call, or a text. Additionally, including your contacts on your law firm website will ensure that those who seek your services online can find you.  

3. Don’t Forget To Show Empathy

Showing empathy will get clients to want to connect with you more. It’s very important to allow your clients to tell their stories before you can share your concerns. Most clients visiting your law firm will come with sensitive legal issues and you need to be there for them, comforting them, and providing them with solutions and options. It’s the reason you established a law firm in the first place, right? If not, then clients will not trust your law firm, period.

4. Explain the Process

Meeting with an attorney, to most clients, is not an easy thing. Improving your communication skills and communication processes will help make it easier for new clients to connect with you. Most importantly, going over the process with your client will provide them with insights on what to expect from you. You just don’t want to leave your clients in the dark and second-guessing your processes and decisions. Ensure to be open and forthcoming at all times.

Providing your clients with impeccable services is not only vital, but it’s also crucial to your practice. While you may want to remain professional, you also want your clients to see you as someone they can trust with their legal problems. Being compassionate, friendly and understanding are among the things you can do to achieve the connection you’ve always wanted with your clients.

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