Cutting Costs: How To Sell Your Home On The Cheap

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In some areas, the media might obsess about the rising cost of buying a home. However, nobody seems to talk about the other side of the coin, the cost of selling one.

In some ways, the two topics merge into one and can be classed as “moving costs”. As today’s post will reveal, there are a few quick hacks that can help you lower these costs and ultimately make your move a more cost-efficient one.

You don’t need to invest in huge renovations

One suggestion that often does the rounds when it comes to selling houses is investing in the most grandest of renovations.

Sure, there is a time and a place for some of these, and there are some cases where an extra bedroom can work wonders in driving up the value of your home. By the same token, there are plenty of examples of some renovations falling in the opposite category, and not adding anywhere near enough value onto a property.

In truth, you usually don’t have to knock down walls and carry out major work to sell a home. Instead, quick hacks can usually suffice and tempt potential buyers:

  • Consider something as simple as flowers from a local company like Avas Flowers. Avas Flowers tend to have a lot of discounts (which make them ideal for multiple rooms), while there are some inspiring Avas Flowers social media posts out there which can outline what you can do in your home. It can add the fresh factor to your property and allow it to captivate a potential buyer without spending a fortune.
  • Add a lick of paint to your front door, or anything else to boost curb appeal. Quite often, it’s all about first impressions, and these small tips can help your home sell faster, and for more money.
  • Try and play with the senses of potential buyers, whether it’s by brewing coffee just before they walk through the door or baking a fresh loaf of bread. There are countless studies showing how certain smells can provide more alluring for house buyers.

Weigh up the pros and cons of online estate agents

A lot has been published about online estate agents over recent years, much of which is positive. Rather than paying out a percentage upon selling their home, many sellers have instead opted for a fixed fee approach which is what these online platforms specialize in.

However, there’s an ongoing debate. If your home is in an area which has a high turnover rate, online agents can work a charm. If homes typically take a while to sell, it can prove to be difficult to sell on these platforms and you might end up having to use a traditional real estate agent and pay twice.

Make sure your moving dates add up

Sometimes, it’s as simple as making sure that your moving date adds up. The last thing you need is to fork out for rented accommodation, which can cost you thousands over the typically standard minimum six-month tenancy.

On the subject of moving…

In some ways, this final point crosses with the whole “moving fees” argument that was outlined at the start of today’s article.

Whether you are buying or selling, something that can drain your cash reserves is the cost of physically moving items. Professional removal companies can charge small fortunes, but there are other alternatives we would recommend that you try:

  • Don’t be afraid of asking a few friends to help out. It’s much cheaper buying a few beers in return for their services, as opposed to huge removal fees.
  • The DIY approach always wins. You might not be able to move a wardrobe on your own, but at least try and take on as many small items as you can.
  • Book in advance. If you do need to enlist the help of the professionals, make sure you book well in advance. It’s worth mentioning that Fridays tend to get booked up quickly and some companies charge more for this day as well.

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