Day Trips From Seattle

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Thinking about taking a day trip to Seattle with the kids? It’s one of the best places to visit for just the day because there’s so much on offer both in Seattle and the surrounding areas that there’s literally something for everyone. If you’re lucky enough to live in Seattle, you can still take advantage of some of these trips to feel as though you’re on holiday even when you’re not.

As with most vacations, the important thing to do is to spend some time carrying out research before you leave and to book things in advance if you can to try to keep costs down. There’s a lot that you can do if you want to make the most of your time and we’re going to share just a few of the highlights today. Let’s get started!

Day trips from Seattle

1.       Cruises

Cruises are one of the best types of day trip, and taking a cruiseline from Seattle is a guaranteed way to have a lot of fun as you explore the Pacific Northwest. If you’re heading out for just the day then you can go on a short-term cruise, or if you want to turn your day trip into a week trip then you can travel much further afield and even head off on a brand new adventure.

2.       Visit Whidbey Island

Whidbey Island is a beautiful part of the world with plenty of natural beauty for visitors to enjoy. Deception Pass State Park and Fort Casey State Park are both worth a visit, as are the Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens. Or for something a little more relaxed, watch a movie at The Clyde or check out the unusual goodies available at Act II Books and Puppets.

3.       Check out Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island is just a couple of miles away from Seattle and you can visit it easily enough by taking a ferry. They’re pretty affordable and run every hour, so you can easily go to Bainbridge Island and back just for the day. Better still, there’s a ton of fun stuff for children to enjoy, from tree houses at the Kids Discovery Museum to the Calico Cat Toy Shoppe.

4.       Head to Tacoma

Tacoma is 40 minutes south of Seattle and so it’s a great place to go if you’ve got a car and you want to go out for the day. They have some really cool stuff on display at the Children’s Museum of Tacoma, or you could pay a visit to Washington State History Museum, where the kids will get to dress up.

5.       Visit Leavenworth

At around 135 miles away from Seattle, Leavenworth is a bit more of a trek, but it’s definitely worth a visit if you want to sample a taste of Bavaria. It has the architecture to match, and if you visit at the right time of year then you can also take part in Oktoberfest. It’s an experience that you’ll truly never forget.


Now that you know just a few of the best trips for you to take with your kids, it’s over to you to start planning and booking things. The good news is that the earlier you book things, the more money you’re going to save and the more cash you’ll have on hand to spend on your vacation. Have a great time!

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