December Gifting Inspirations!

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The yuletide season is just around the corner, and the question is, are you ready for it? Don’t wait till the last minute to complete your Christmas gifts list! Let these 15 top December gifting inspirations be our early gift to you.

Amazon Gift Card 

If you don’t know what to gift your mom, dad, niece, or nephew, then let him or her choose their gifts with an Amazon gift card. Amazon has all things from A to Z plus; they don’t have to spend all the money on the gift card. Give a $100 card as a present, and the recipient can spend $50 today and use the remaining balance next time. 

Also, Amazon gift cards are easy to gift. You can order an actual or physical card or have one sent to your email. Amazon gift cards are available in different denominations and designs. 

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Give the gift of relaxation with an aromatherapy diffuser. A diffuser comes in a variety of designs, but the same principle applies: essential oils are warmed inside a diffuser chamber. As the oil warms up, it releases different smells that are known to induce relaxation, pleasant sleep, and energy. 

BeatsX Earphones

Beats is known for the most updated earphone designs and cool audio features. BeatsX is the latest of the many earphone models with unique features such as Bluetooth connectivity and enhanced audio enjoyment. If you know someone who’s into fitness, jogging, or working out, then the BeatsX is something that he’ll appreciate.


Bobbleheads are popular gifts that anyone will surely appreciate. Also known as a nodder or a wobbler, you’ll find bobbleheads in different designs. The most popular during the holidays as Santa Claus, elf and reindeer bobbleheads. You can even make customized bobbleheads to gift to your friends.  Check out Modern Bobbleheads.

Clay Face Mask Stick

Give the gift of beauty this holiday season! Despite being the happiest time of the year, this is also one of the most stressful with parties here and there! And stress can cause irreversible damage to your skin. Counter stress and skin damage with a rich clay face mask stick from Olay.

These face mask sticks are known as the “reset button” on stressed skin and are formulated with top quality Kaolin clay that can deeply exfoliate the skin. You can say goodbye to dull, dead, and stressed skin this holiday season with this lovely thoughtful gift.  

Coffee Maker

Know someone who just can’t live without coffee? If you do, then why not give the gift of rich coffee with a coffee maker and his or her favorite coffee pods? Keurig has single-serve or classic coffee makers ready to brew the best cup. Don’t forget to throw in some popular pod flavors like the Sumatra Reserve Coffee from Green Mountain or the Classic Roast Coffee from Folgers. Other delicious flavors are available for ordering online at

Hair Dryer and Volumizer

Salon gorgeous hair costs a fortune these days, but do you know that the same tools they use at the salon are available at stores as well? A good hairdryer with a volumizer feature can work wonders on tired and stressed out hair this season. With these tools, women can be ready for any yuletide event in a jiff. Forget spending hundreds of dollars in salons with these beauty tools. 

Indoor Skydiving

Most people include skydiving as a part of their bucket list. But why wait when this can be done this Christmas season? Give the gift of fun and adventure with an indoor skydiving ticket. Invite friends or family to share this adventure with you, and maybe you’ll even get a group discount!  

Other similar gifts to this one can be tickets to watch a concert, tickets to a musical show, or unlimited passes to a theme park. And as you get one for your friend or family, join along and have an unforgettable time this holiday season. 

Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription

Give the joy of jewelry this holiday season to someone who just loves to wear them. Rocksbox has a Jewelry Subscription that will give your recipient unlimited rental of designer jewelry with unlimited swaps of three jewelry pieces at a time. You can also gift a Rocksbox membership that entitles members discounts on purchases as a set and in their shop. To give you a good idea of what your recipient will get, check out Rocksbox on Instagram. 

Spa Gift Card

We’re warning you, this season is going to be a stressful one with parties here and there, events out of town and don’t forget the food. And what better way to de-stress and remove toxins from the body than a day at the spa. Give your friend or family a spa gift card. This kind of gift card usually includes a massage, some aromatherapy treats, a facial, manicures/pedicures, etc. Different spas have different rates and services, so be very particular about what spa gift card to give.  

Spotify Gift Card

For someone who loves music, a Spotify gift card is the perfect gift. Spotify gift cards are valid for a year from the date of purchase, and there are different types of cards as well. Just like an Amazon gift card, you can buy an actual card and sent it to your recipient or send it via email. 

Yoga Mat

Yoga is an ancient art of physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Its practice is deeply rooted in ancient India, and it has been included in various modern fitness routines and practiced in almost all fitness centers, community centers, and gyms. If you know someone who’s into yoga or physical fitness, then a good yoga mat would do nicely as a gift. 

Yoga mats come in all sizes and materials. Choose one that’s durable, easy to carry, and while you’re at it, how about a colorful yoga mat bag? These are available at most fitness stores or online fitness outlets, as well.  

Make this season truly memorable with these exciting gift ideas! 

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