Deck Staining Procedure – Some Tips for You

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deck staining

The first and the foremost step in staining your deck with a new stain is by removing the old stain completely from it. As time passes, the stain starts to wear off and it becomes necessary that you go with the new color to re-stain your deck. This can be done with the help of the paint strippers. 

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Deck Staining Tips for You 

Here are some tips that will work perfectly when it comes to staining the deck

  • Expert Tests 

Experts take a stain and dye it to any particular wood board and keep them exposed to sunlight for a day. They will check the condition of the board after a day and will decide what stain works on any particular wood board. This test will even explain the possibility of the stain staying on the wooden board after years of usage. 

  • Type of Stain 

Some decks will have a covering that will drape the area from sunlight and rainfall. Such deck areas can survive with some stains that can be retained for years. You can choose the type of stain that sits perfectly with the wood board on the deck and is weather-proof. 

  • Deck Inspection 

Look around your deck and see whether there are any issues such as broken wood pieces, loosened screws, warped pieces, raised nails, and so on. When you do so, you will get to know about the condition of your deck and you can think about the deck refurbishment accordingly. You can then find the right stain for your deck. 

  • Deck Preparation 

Before planning to go with the deck staining, it is suggested to clear the deck by thorough cleaning. You need to clean the deck off of dirt, dust, and other such unwanted particles with the help of pressure water, and other such options. 

  • Avoid Stained Areas 

Stained areas should be allowed to dry for some time. You can avoid people from going towards the stained area by applying painter’s tape, or other such warning signs around the fresh paint. 

  • Usage of the Right Brushes 

Some of the brushes are ideal for natural-based stain and some are ideal for other stain types. You can choose the one that works for your deck-staining idea. You can choose the brush that fits perfectly with the stain of your choice after you finalize the stain for your deck. 

After you are all set with the deck staining project, you can start your work by going through the manufacturer’s directions. Rinse the surface of staining thoroughly and then start with the staining process. You can use sand or grit paper, water at a certain pressure, etc., for cleaning the area before staining. Understand the process clearly and start the project. 

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