Deconstructing The Myths Surrounding Rehab

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Do you know that every 8 out of 10 individuals refrain from taking that one life-changing step because they prefer myths over facts? This mindset stops people from consulting rehab even when they need it. Rehabs came into existence to facilitate people suffering from substance abuse. Over the years, they have provided ideal opportunities for a healthier lifestyle by overcoming various addictions.

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Unfortunately, people have built several incorrect notions regarding rehab. They don’t just stay in delusion but also stop others from seeking much-needed help. Like any other illness, addictions need to be treated, and rehab is just another hospital for them. Many people cannot understand the need for rehab before deconstructing its myths. Let’s have a look at some of the myths surrounding rehab and deconstruct them through better understanding.

Rehab Is Not Affordable

People often hear about rehab from magazines when a certain celebrity is spotted there. Over the last few years, a general belief has been constructed that rehab is only for rich people. This is like saying that hospitals are only for the rich.

As far as affordability is concerned, it is very much true that treatments can be expensive, and this is not restricted to substance abuse treatments only. Nonetheless, insurance, budget-friendly packages, and even charity by some generous donors are always at the rescue. There are several networks like Serenity at Summit, working endlessly to ensure that rehab facilities are budget-friendly for everyone out there. Generally, people are able to pay the fee without putting themselves under any financial strain by taking the right step at the right time.

Going To Rehab Means Losing A Job

Our society often judges a person wrongly for going to rehab. Therefore, people believe that if their boss finds out that they are going to rehab, they will be instantly fired. This is not true, however. You are most likely to lose a job over insufficient performance but not for seeking treatment for an illness. It only gives an impression that you are committed to a better life and working on improving yourself. If a patient is extremely cautious about it, there is assurance that rehab officials never reach out to their boss or even their family members if patients ask specifically.

Rehab Is Only For Rock-Bottom Cases

This is a myth that makes it even harder for patients to recover. People continue with their toxic habits and wait for the situation to get worse before consulting rehab. They often save the rehab option only for when things reach rock-bottom.

The doors to rehab are always open for even those who are in their initial stage of addiction, looking forward to giving up a substance, but they cannot. One needs to understand that, at times, getting help is the only way to fight demons. In several cases, there have been people who were so motivated by the rehab environment that they were able to quit substance abuse quickly.

Rehab Can Cure Addiction

Though it is the truth that rehab cannot cure addiction, there is more to it. Rehabilitation centers do not guarantee complete cures on their own. The process is also dependent on the patient and their will to recover.

Another important factor is that addictions are influenced by various chronic and relapsing factors, such as supportive relationships, trauma history, mental illness, and toxic environment. These factors play a crucial role in getting over an addiction, and that is why the patient needs therapy to heal from these factors too.

Failure Of Rehab Treatment Means No Going Back

Another circulating myth is that after completing rehab and falling into relapse, it means that rehab is not a solution. Would you stop visiting a doctor if you got sick once again? Going back to rehab means that you are trying again and not succumbing to addiction. Rehab treatments do everything in their capacity to put a person in a place where they learn to live without addictions. Once a person leaves that center, nobody knows what environment or people they will deal with. At rehab centers, people are always welcomed not just once or twice but all the time, even if they need a piece of advice.

Rehab Is A Scam

The most famous myth of all is that rehab doesn’t work and is a scam. Many people think that rehab is just another fancy place cashing in people’s vulnerabilities. The truth is that if rehabs were serving no purpose, they would not be the last resort for most addicts. If rehab did not work, people would stop attaching the tiny gleam of hope to this name.

If the human race continued to believe in myths, they would have never made it from caves to mansions. Myths will always exist, but the real test is to find your way in life by seeking the truth.

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