Desertraja buggy ride review

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One’s life should be full of adventures. The world was badly asking for some time to relax and stay at home, but with more than a year of being at home, people have now finally realized, that it is not as appealing as it sounds. The world is a vast place, and there is no reason why you should be staying in your one small town or city and living the same life every day. The world should be explored, you need to have new experiences in your life. 

Hitting the famous deserts of Dubai is one such experience that you should never miss. Dubai is a world-class city, there is no amenity you are going to miss while in Dubai. Dubai is not only famous for Burj Khalifa or the famous desert. It is also famous for its skyline, nightlife, malls, shopping, and food.

While paying for adventures, there are many things to consider. Things like Value for money, Safety, Overall experience, Training, and many things come into mind. For Desert Safaris and Dune buggy rides is in the Dubai desert, DesertRaja is highly rated. In this article, we will be reviewing the provider of Cheapest desert safari in Dubai, Desert Raja

DesertRaja Buggy Ride review-is it the best?

We heard a lot about DesertRaja and their services, and so wanted to try their services out. The experience was extremely enjoyable from the start till the end, there were no hiccups and everything went smoothly. We were properly trained and very well made understood about how our ride works. From the pick up at our hotel till the end of the experience, we were accompanied by a professional guide/agent who at every point of time was interested in providing a great service and helping us out with our questions. Here is a review of several parameters.

Value For Money– There is a reason why they call themselves the providers of the most value-for-money desert safaris in Dubai. The package just had so much to offer. We were picked up by air-conditioned SUVs. The Dune bashing experience was solid. We were provided with proper training and the best quality gear during the buggy ride. And as a cherry on the cake, there were arrangements for refreshments, snacks, and belly dance.

Safety– Our safety seemed like their utmost priority. At no particular point during the ride, we felt unsafe or uncomfortable. The experience was full of an adrenaline rush but no harm. The buggies were the latest and most powerful ones, so we climbed the dunes in the blink of an eye.

Overall experience– The Overall experience was spectacular, we were overjoyed and the refreshments and the belly dance enhanced the experience even further. You cannot ask for anything more for the price, there is everything. It is ironic how there is hardly any availability of water in the desert but we were kept hydrated at all times.


DesertRaja’s buggy ride experience is a solid 10/10. Everything fell right into the place, we have had experienced several rides from other providers in the past, but none of them were this good. They are truly the best!

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