Dessert Restaurants: How To Plate Desserts Like A Pastry Chef

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One of the biggest setbacks dessert restaurant face is the lack of imagination on how well to present their masterpiece desserts to the public. In the modern day business world where customers are more interested in the appearance and appeal of the food, especially on social media, photography and presentation remains an important skill for dessert restaurant owner to have.

The overall stress which has been undergone to make the dessert masterpiece may go unappreciated without the perfect representation of the dessert on social media. So to get your business up and running and get more customers to try out the delicacy which you have made, below are some of the keys to presenting and plating your dessert like a professional chef that you are.

  1. Colors Are Important, Go Wild With Them

One of the best ways to present your masterpiece is to understand perfectly the function of colors in advertisement. Choosing the right colors can add spice and appeal to your dessert and make it look more inspiring and inviting. Getting the wrong color can significantly lower the appeal of the dessert. To strike the right balance, it is recommended that you spice things up by adding a handful of berries here and there to transform the otherwise bland appearance of a chocolate cake or set violet flowers against lemon tart to add vibrancy to the overall product.

  1. Textures Are There To Be Exploited

Textures are great for setting the tone of the dessert and striking the familiar feeling of sweetness in the mouths of onlookers. Making the perfect blend of textures makes the dessert more fun to look at and inviting to eat. Experiment with texture options as much as possible until you get the perfect blend which is just right for the masterpiece which you have created. The key here is to ensure that the appearance captivates and holds the attention of the onlooker till they can dig in deep and enjoy the taste.

  1. Dessert Plating Can Be A Canvas To Work On

The best part of plating desserts is the creativity surge it requires. The best platings are those wherein creativity is brought to the fore, similar to a painting. Like a painter, your plate is the canvas upon which you should let your creativity roam. Pretend you are a painter or photographer and let your creative side handle the best part. Ensure that the composition is such that fills the plate in an interesting way and for the minimalist approach, take care to align the different dessert element at intriguing angles while avoiding overcrowding. Allow each element make a contribution to the final masterpiece.

Remember, there is no right answer when it comes to plating your dessert.

  1. Choose A Bowl That Works

The type of bowl which you have chosen to plate on plays a significant role in expressing the content. When plating desserts, always use a bowl as this adds depth and allows you further spread the contributing elements to avoid overcrowding. If you have made something creamy, a bowl or a plate with raised edges are the best options to choose.

  1. Temperature Imbalance Can Work Wonders For You

A great idea when plating dessert will be temperature imbalance. Going by this, a mix of hot and cold dessert can make the significant difference even to onlookers. for effect, you may want to pair a slice of warm pie of a fruit tart with an ice cream, creating an irresistible sensation even to the sight. Contrasting temperatures have been found to increase the sensory appeal and thrill of the dessert, however, there is the need to pay attention to the plating as this is the bit that can significantly make or mar the impression you wish to create. For cold desserts, a slightly chilled vessel is recommended while for the cakes, pies, or more, a room temperature plate will do just fine.

  1. Create A Focal Point

The whole ideal of catching attention is to create and work with the right focal point. You want to ensure that the photograph points to an irresistible part where the sense of appeal is most located. For a classic brownie a la mode made into ice cream sandwich, a great focal point would be the addition of raspberries around the dessert thus giving it an outstanding and magical appearance.

  1. Create A Bit Of Drama 

This is where your creativity again flourishes. You want to ensure that the setup does not look too calm, neither does it look too rowdy for the average onlooker. Creating a bit of drama can add the needed spice to the overall presentation. Think of some DIY special effects and choose the most appropriate based on the dessert you are working with.

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