Differences Between End of Tenancy and Domestic Cleaning

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Man wearing gloves cleaning the house.

Cleaning an apartment, a house, an office or whatever property, is never an easy task. The reason why cleaning services have become so popular is that there really is a big search for such services. More and more often people are turning to professionals to take care of their homes because of the need for expert cleaning on-site. But with so many cleaning services available it’s natural to get easily confused. For instance, what are the differences between domestic and end-of-tenancy cleaning? Well, we are here today to tell you all about them! Let’s find out!

What exactly is domestic cleaning?

Let’s first start with domestic cleaning. You might be wondering what exactly is domestic cleaning and how is it different from the end of a tenancy one. Domestic cleaning is a regular cleaning by professionals that includes basic cleaning services but is not necessarily done all at once. What does it mean? Well, when you hire a company for domestic cleaning this means that the expert cleaners will come to your home a few times a month (depending on your preferences) and clean different parts of it. One time they’ll take care of the carpet cleaning, then they’ll come for vacuuming and removing dust and dirt, another time they might come for mattress cleaning or windows cleaning, and so on, and so on.

Usually, people choose domestic cleaning for all-year-round property cleaning if they have big areas or are just not interested in doing this type of cleaning by themselves. Rather than that, they want to trust the professionals to take care of every inch of the place. But one more time – not all at once. And the reason why we’re emphasising this part is that it’s one of the differences with end-of-tenancy cleaning. 

What is end of tenancy cleaning?

End of tenancy cleaning is a deep and thorough cleaning process of a place done all at once, most commonly when a lease is ending and the tenants want to clean a place perfectly so that they can have their deposit back from the landlord. Some people choose this type of service when also moving into a place and want it to be totally clean before they settle. Or some people also choose the end of tenancy cleaning for their homes when they want a really thorough cleaning done. 

The end of tenancy cleaning is a really deep cleaning that not only covers the whole property but also includes really thorough work of every inch that isn’t usually taken care of by domestic cleaners. Usually, end of tenancy cleaning comes with a checklist of all the procedures that are applied and the cleaning techniques used, so that you can get to know in detail what will be covered. Looking at such a checklist might also help you get a glance at what more will be done to your property in comparison to the domestic cleaning. 

Differences between domestic and end of tenancy cleaning

The main difference between the two types of cleaning is the thoroughness of each. Domestic cleaning is a good choice but not for deep cleaning, and rather than that it is suitable for more regular cleaning of the property, while the end of tenancy cleaning is done once but with a more detail-oriented approach. For example, you can’t expect a domestic cleaner to remove stains from limescale or rust, but the end-of-tenancy cleaners will professionally remove any hard and built-over-time stains. The same goes for carpets for example – domestic cleaning includes vacuuming but it won’t take care of deep grime or other stubborn stains that the other type of cleaning takes care of.

Another significant difference is the time needed for both. Domestic cleaning experts will come to your place and do the work for an hour, while the end of tenancy takes a few hours for the technicians to go over the whole place and take care of every inch. This is why it is also sometimes more difficult to book an appointment with an end-of-tenancy cleaning company – you need to check with them – when they have an available team for the job, and also to think for you when the best time will be. While the domestic cleaners can come any time of the week and do the job quickly. 

What type of cleaning do you need?

If you are wondering if you need a domestic cleaning or to book an end of tenancy cleaning company, we are here to help! You need to think about your needs and the property cleaning demand. 

Do you need someone to come over every once in a while and clean your place so that it remains fresh and bright? Do you have busy schedules and no time to do any domestic work on your own? Do you need professionals to clean your property greatly? Then, you sure do need domestic cleaning services! Expert cleaners will come to your place whenever you need them to and clean it for you! 

But if you need a deep cleaning of your property, because you are moving in or out of it, or simply because it’s been too long since you had it professionally and thoroughly cleaned, then you need the end of tenancy cleaning service! You need to remember that despite its name, this type of service is not only good if you are ending your lease. It’s just the most common time when people book such services. But you can still have an end of tenancy cleaning company booked if you need a thorough cleaning of your place. 

Make your choice and we are here to help! Let us know what type of cleaning services you need and we’ll make sure you get the best and high-quality services in town that will leave your property in perfect condition! 

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