5 Different Types of Motorhomes

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The variety of motorhomes available makes choosing the right one a difficult task. Motorhomes come in different sizes, with different specifications and varying feature sets, from many manufacturers. It can be hard to decide which of these vehicles is your ideal buy. 

Here we look at some of the different types on the market today so you can make an informed choice. 

1. Micro Motorhomes

These motorhomes are, as the name suggests, very small versions of campervans, or like people carriers with extra features. They usually sleep two people, or they have just one single bed. There’s typically a simple stove or small cupboard for storage. These vans are perfect for a couple or individual that likes to travel light and escape on a trip at a moment’s notice. One of the most recognizable brands of this type of motorhome is Bongo, and you will also recognize the name Romahome. Click here to find more used RV for sale.

2. Campervans

Campervans are typically suitable for two people and usually have a converting back seat that turns into a bed. You can also find campervans with space for more berths in an expanding roof. The most iconic version of the campervan is the VW Campervan. This brand has legions of loyal fans and you can find retro collector vans as well as brand new VWs. Other campervan brands offer the same kind of features, which usually include a stove and cupboards, lights, radio, and comfortable seats. A campervan is typically compact enough to be used as a second family car and is easier to maneuver into car parks. 

3. Coach built Motorhomes

These motorhomes have a van cab and chassis with a motorhome body added on. There is normally space for a toilet and a double bed. Some larger coach-built motorhomes have an extension over the cab which is used for extra sleeping or for storage. 

4. A-Class Motorhomes

These are the most recognisable motorhomes with their all-in-one body that has been entirely constructed by the motorhome manufacturer. These motorhomes do not have separate cabs. You can have all the comforts of home inside one of these motorhomes. For example, Hymer motorhomes for sale include berths for four or more people, a range of cooking facilities and storage compartments, washroom and toilet, and heating and lighting systems. Other A-class motorhomes are even larger, making the interior more luxurious and spacious for extended trips. 

5. American RV

These are imported from the US and are generally much larger than European or UK motorhomes. They offer plenty of space inside and lots of fittings and features although they are sometimes not suitable for smaller country roads in the UK. 

If you’re searching for a motorhome, do your research and first decide how many people you want to house, the types of places you want to go, and when you will go. Think about the essential features you need in a motorhome, for example, do you need a toilet? Consider your budget and then draw up a shortlist of options from the many types of motorhome available.

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