Different Types of Pests at Home and How to Get Rid of Them

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An invasion of household pests can cause some serious problems if not addressed quickly. Unfortunately, many household pests are experts at covert operations so we often don’t know they are in our homes until they have already established their colonies. This is why it is so important to act immediately when you first spot the traces of a household pest. This article will describe common household pests and how to get rid of them.

  1. Bed bugs

Bed bugs are a huge annoyance as they like to feast on our blood as we are in bed soundly sleeping. The problem with bed bugs is that they are very tiny as you can see in these pictures of bed bugs so they can be very difficult to see. We often don’t know that we have an infestation until we wake up one morning with itchy red spots where we have been bitten. There is no initial pain when bed bugs bite us which is why we don’t wake up. To prevent bed bugs from getting in your home then keep your luggage wrapped up in your hotel room and then vacuum it out when you get home to suck up any bed bugs that have stowed away. 

  1. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are the most despised of all household pests and also one of the most difficult to eradicate once they have set themselves up in your home. You may not know that you have a cockroach infestation for a long time because they are very shy and tend to only come out at night when everyone in your house is asleep. If you do see one during the day, the likelihood is that there are others hiding somewhere. Another telltale sign is if you find cockroach droppings in the corners of rooms or in cupboards. Cockroaches are attracted to food so make sure that your kitchen is thoroughly cleaned every time food is prepared or eaten. There are various home remedies for getting rid of cockroaches that many people swear by including baking soda and coffee traps but quite often if the infestation is already established your best course of action is to bring in professional exterminators.

  1. Ants

Ants are far less of a problem than cockroaches or bed bugs but they can still be very annoying. Ants, like cockroaches, are attracted to food so again it is very important to keep your house very clean at all times. Even dirty dishes in the sink waiting to be washed can attract ants into your kitchen so make sure that all traces of food are immediately cleaned up. Unlike cockroaches, ants do not build their nests inside so the first thing that you can do to prevent ants from getting into your house is to follow their trails and identify their access points. Try to block these entrances so that the ants have no way to come in. If this doesn’t work then you can use store-bought baits as a more permanent measure. These work by poisoning the ants but with a poison that works very slowly so that the ants have time to take it back to the nest and kill the queen. 

Household pests are not just an inconvenience but can also cause some problems for our health. Once you have identified that you have an infestation, it is important to act immediately. Follow this guide and you will be able to get rid of your unwanted guests once and for all.

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