Different Types of Vape Fluids You Should Know About

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There are various kinds of vape fluids. But which ones would you prefer or which ones should you know gets confusing. To clear up such confusion, we are here with this article. After this, you will certainly have a rough idea of different varieties that are offered in vape fluids. Make sure you assess the wide range of 7 Daze e juice options before picking the one that suits your choice the best. If you are looking for vaping or e liquid as youo are experience or bigneer contact Cloudstix now.

There are two types of vaping. One is the standard vaping with atomizers above 1 ohm, and then there is a sub-ohm vaping with atomizers below 1 ohm. Standard vaping uses the traditional mouth to lung(MTL) technique, while the sub-ohm vaping uses the direct style. That is when you draw the vapor directly from the device to your lungs. So what is a vape juice, it is merely the liquid that is converted to gases with the help of vaping devices. It comprises of four ingredients:

  1. Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin: additives used in foods and medications
  2. Nicotine
  3. Flavoring 

So now let us dive into the various types of vaping fluids:

Nicotine Salt E-liquid

It is a type of e-liquid that uses nicotine salt as the primary ingredient instead of the regularly consumed nicotine. They are usually 50% VG and the other 50% PG vape fluids deliver a lot of nicotine with a generously less amount of smoke. The concept of nicotine salt vape fluids is to provide more nicotine without being harmful to health.

50/50 VG PG Ratio

This is the ideal form of vape fluid. To people who do not prefer extremes of too much vapor or too less of gas are likely to go for this kind of liquid. Due to equal amounts of both the components, it produces similar amounts of smoke as well as flavor. Neither of them dominates in such a type of fluid. It is suitable for atomizers with a range of about 1 ohm and nicotine strength ranging about 6 mg to 20 mg. 

70 PG / 30 VG E-LIQUID

The PG is used to create the throat hit during the inhaling process and enhancing flavors. So, a more ratio of PG e-liquid would simply create better throat hits and improved characteristics. But it would also mean less amount of smoke produced during vaping. This type of e-liquid is suitable for atomizers that hold a resistance of about 1.8 ohms and consume nicotine range of around 6 mg to 24 mg. These types of vape fluids typically possess large quantities of nicotine due to less amount of smoke, and therefore, they can be harsh to many people. 

70 VG / 30 PG E-LIQUID

A 70 VG / 30 PG E-LIQUID is a common choice for sub-ohm vape devices. As the primary motive of high VG content is to achieve large quantities of smoke, the high VG content produces high smoke and requires less amount of nicotine to function. It is, therefore, the preference of many people as it is not too harsh due to less nicotine content. This type of e-liquid is generally suitable for atomizers that hold a resistance of about 0.9 ohms and nicotine content ranging from 1.6 mg to 6 mg. The reason for less nicotine is the substantial amount of vapor. As the vaper would inhale large amounts of gas, therefore the low almost nicotine is required to achieve satisfaction. It’s worth mentioning that you can find at The Vape House the best quality components and e-liquids to vape the right and safest way possible.

80 VG / 20 PG E-LIQUID

There are many people out there who want to chuck all of the vaping clouds, to whom clouds give more pleasure than the nicotine present. Hence, such people need is the 80 VG/20 PG E-LIQUID, the ultimate vaping fluid for sub-ohm vaping devices. It is considered a sweet spot for both flavor and vapor for people preferring smokes over nicotine. This 80/20 blend is ideal for vapers who vape at an atomizer resistance of about 0.5 ohms and nicotine content ranging under 6 mg. It is also suitable for people who are just starting and are not heavy smokers. It provides the perfect blend between the vapor production and the flavor formulation. Therefore, making it ideal for beginners, novices, and people who prefer vapors. 

Therefore, this winds up our in-depth analysis of different kinds of vaping fluids. We hope our enlightenment would help you choose your perfect vaping fluid.

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