Difficulties Faced by a Single Mother

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Single mothers are those mothers who are unmarried, divorced or widowed and with children totally dependent on her. A single mother looks after her child all alone and carries all the expenses of her child. In the past few years, the term single mom has been spread out very randomly, so there are few people who have misconceptions about single mothers. If a woman is totally alone and she shared half of her earnings to look after her child then that person is called as a single mother. However, in this world, not every person is good and not every rule easy to follow. So, being a single mother a woman has to face lots of problems and get out of those problems by herself only. There are many situations will come where has to face lots of challenges and that is quite unique to their circumstances. The problems are given below.

  1. Legal issues

A woman can become a single mother for different reasons. If a married woman is getting divorced from her husband and wants their child to live with her, then that woman will become a single mom. A widow is also a single mother. In some cases, a woman does not want to get married and adopt a child, in that case, that woman has also become a single mother. Other possible circumstances are the unplanned pregnancy of an unmarried girl. Any of these conditions can bring legal issues like child custody, restrictions of the society, child support and real estate planning. As a result, a single mother might have to go to the courtroom to handling one of these situations. The court proceeding is a little slow and it may take a few months or a few years time to solve the issue. The fees of the court proceedings are associated depending upon the single mom’s financial stability and this will become her responsibility. 

  1. Custody of a child

Depending upon the father’s requirements, a single mother may face some problems of getting her child’s custody. The single mother has to be strong enough to hear the harsh decision at that situation. If the father is fixed to his decision, the custody will continue for a long time, so it will be a bit difficult for a mother transportation and visitation schedules. Also having fear of losing her child, the child’s behavior and fear of the child choosing to stay with other parents. 

  1. Financial Issue

Financial issues are one of the major problems that single moms are facing. Expenses of a child’s healthcare, education, extra-curricular activities, clothing and savings for the future, all these are very difficult to manage by only her earnings. It is quite difficult for them to balance work life and household activities all by herself. 

  1. Society Reactions

In many circumstances, a single mother experience emotional pain and also having negative assumptions by society. Although our society is becoming more liberal about all these matters, some people still have negative views of single moms. Society can raise questions about her character, getting selfish and not helpful attitude. 

  1. Insurance issues

Being a single mother, a woman has to pick and drop her child from many places. So, sometimes it’s become mandatory to learn driving a car. Maintenance and insurance are very important for security purposes. For a single mother, it becomes a bit difficult for getting insurance for the car. But there are many companies who provide car insurance for single moms in a very good deal. But you can check some general insurance as well, in which you may get all the facilities for single mothers also. So, General Insurance is also recommended for a single mother. 

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