DIY Bloggers Tips: How to Help People Make Their Own Project Ideas at Home

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Social media has a large number of talented bloggers promoting new ideas or projects which help to educate people. Initiating a DIY project is a great activity to pass the time, achieve something, or hone your skills. A project can be as difficult or industrious as renovating your home or as simple as gardening for the first time. Either way, there’s an abundance of project options and ideas that bloggers are promoting.

If you want to help people make their own projects at home or give them some ideas to start, here are some foolproof tips to help them get started:

  1. Start a DIY Challenge

From learning silly dance moves or changing your eating habits for a week, there’s a significant number of DIY challenges that have started on social media. With the influence of social media, bloggers can quickly start a new challenge an individual or a family can take part in – for example, decorating your bedroom with only yellow things, being vegan for a week, or doing a self-motivated workout challenge.

These DIY challenges can be effortless and generally won’t cost you a lot of money. It can both be fun and be a great DIY project for your followers. You can also encourage your followers to post photos of themselves or their projects for some added fun.

Some other examples of starting a DIY challenge would be: 

  • Eat clean for 4 weeks
  • Organize your home by color-coding decorations. 
  • Get shells from your local beach and create a decorative picture based on a theme. 
  • Paint pouring wall art to hang in your home.
  • Create a large and fun entryway sign to welcome guests. 
  • Create a keychain using beads and string. 
  • Create a short story that is in a certain genre. 

These are just some examples of little challenge ideas you can give to your followers and even try yourself to share! 

  1. Start a DIY Contest

Starting a contest is a great way to keep your audience engaged, and you can reward your audience through a giveaway. Bloggers initiate giveaways to promote their content, increase their audience, or promote a brand.

The winner of the DIY contest should be chosen based on some key factors, which you can make up yourself. Some ideas can include: 

  • How they executed their project – was it the most unique? The closest to your version? 
  • How colorful it was. 
  • How they reflected the message you’re trying to convey.
  • If it’s a DIY short story contest, how well something was written. 

Moreover, a contest is an excellent opportunity to be recognized. As a blogger, you’ll be motivating young artists and giving entrepreneurs a chance to promote their content. Starting a contest can spark inspiration in people, thus driving them to start their own projects at home and uncover new reserves of potential.

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  1. Make DIY Tutorials

Making tutorials and instructional videos is a great way to educate through any social media platform. A step-by-step procedure can help your audience try a new activity that will help them grow as an individual.  It can also help them learn a new skill to start their own project. 

One example would be making a tutorial of your home improvement project where you can discuss the budget or the designer. Home improvement can be a difficult process. Sharing your experience, especially in a step by step format, can help your audience plan their own DIY home project easier.

These days, internet home builders and interior designers are available online to hire or to gain advice from. Construction2Style, for example, provides professional consultancy and online courses for people to start their own DIY home improvement projects. 

Scrapbooking handmade photo album. Diy. Top view on table with elements for scrapbooking, cut paper, die cuts, paper flowers, ribbons,embossing. Pastel colors. Women’s hobby.
  1. Share Your DIY Projects

Sharing your experience and projects is a great way to help and motivate your fans. Something as simple as starting your kitchen garden can give your audience a fresh perspective and help them step out of their comfort zone to try new skills, activities, and projects. 

Here are some great ways to share your projects: 

  • Vlogs – Making Vlogs about your projects can help your fans on a visual level. Videos are good for short attention spans. You can even encourage them to start their own and share their experiences when creating something new. 

You can use TikTok, Youtube, or other video-sharing sites for optimal promotion. From sharing cooking tutorials to educational content, the young generation is taking advantage of video-sharing platforms.

  • Screenshot Tutorials – Screenshot tutorials are great for those who are writing a step by step guide. These are great to create a blog with, which can be shared on Facebook or Instagram. 
  • Photos – Photos of your projects can be added to sites like Instagram. This gives you an opportunity to showcase your work and maybe give tips so others can do their own projects at home.  


Bloggers have the power to talk about important issues, spark inspiration, and motivate in starting a new venture. There are many social media platforms where you, as a blogger, can connect with your audience and help them in starting their own DIY projects at home.

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