DIY: How to Make a Travel Scrapbook Successfully

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Most of us love to display our holiday memories. If you fall into this category of people, you need to understand that scrapbooking is a perfect way to express such memories. A scrapbook shows more personal touches than a traditional photo album. For this reason, we have decided to give you a complete step by step tutorial to enable you to create a unique double page layout for keeping your travel photos and memories together. Although it is not an automatic move, we have made it in the simplest way possible to ensure you don’t get stuck along the way.

1. Choosing Photos.

Any successful project starts with planning and organizing. For this case, you need to have all the photos you need to scrapbook. Your well-taken snaps also need to be well arranged/organized to be neat and presentable. The best way is to organize them into days or places. For example, you can keep the photos you took while at the beach on the same page. Or else, you keep the photos you took on a specific day on the same page or the first pages.

If you have a ten-page scrapbook and your trip took five days, you can have photos for each day on two pages of your scrapbook. If you wish to add value to the images you want to be put in your scrapbook, you can get some SVG cuts and use them on Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Once you achieve the quality of the photos you want, print them and play around with them on the scrapbook pages. Photos should be arranged in a way that they tell a story to the viewers.

2. Layering.

Being the second step in scrapbooking, layering adds an extra dimension to the pages. It is a fantastic way to add elements from a trip. You can add the tickets and receipts you received when you made payments during the trip. These additions make the scrapbook unique and real. The receipts, menus, business cards, and tickets should be added at the base of the photos.

As you add them, ensure the colours in the photo remains outstanding and shouting. Don’t introduce colours that will swallow the beauty of your vacation’s scrapbook. These pieces should be added by the use of glue dots in the center. This makes it easy to add some more or even remove them if you want to change the layout.

3. Add Extra Elements.

For most people, this their favorite step in making a scrapbook. Reason being, it’s full of fun because you have the freedom to make your layout unique as you wish. Whenever possible, make it simple and leave enough space where you can write memories to your fascinating trip. You can write about how your children enjoyed the day at the beach and the family dinner. You can also add postcards to your layout to add a touch to it. Use of card strips as labels and tags make journaling stand out.

4. Use Photo Corners and Decoration.

Using photo corners as a design gives your photos a great look and is also a great way to preserve these photos. With photo corners, it becomes easy to remove the photos without getting damaged if need be.

You can use washi tape to decorate the scrapbook pages. This tape is highly adhesive, which makes it a suitable choice. You can use it to stick down layering pieces.

5. Draw on Pencil.

Although this is an optional step, drawing adds a rustic look to your scrapbook. Adding drawn elements to any page makes it more appealing. The scrapbook feels more personal and handmade when it had such drawings. You can freehand lines on various pages to write about your trip experiences and also hand draw the page titles.

6. Write Your Journaling and Finalize.

The last thing you are supposed to do is, to sum up, the project by adding up the best moments. In every aspect, please explain how the experience was in every place you visited and its uniqueness. You can talk about the most beautiful scenery you ever saw during your trip. The dates of your holiday are essential too. So, don’t forget to include them.

A Great Deal.

It’s not every time that you make a trip scrapbook. There are other options you can take and make incredible scrapbooks. If you have kids, you can make a scrapbook for them to enable them to learn and also as a way of creating fun among them.

For the greatest experience, get some unique SVG Cut Files from DesignBundles to make your scrapbooking project successful. They have the best templates to help you create Pinterest banners as well as and much more.

If you want a fantastic giraffe cut file or a Valentines SVG bundle that you can edit and use with your photos to make a great scrapbook consider purchasing them from DesignBundles. Their products are uniquely designed to give value to your crafted photo booklet.

Imagine a scrapbook that contains the photos you took while in college, it needs to be professional and attractive at the same time. You must include fun in it without forgetting that at the college level we all assume you are mature enough.

Having known that, don’t sit and wait to see friends making amazing scrapbooks to keep their experiences. Make yours today, and keep your memories too. Visit the DesignBundles website and get a variety of SVG Cut Files that you can use to craft a professional scrapbook that will keep your memories for years.

Remember, your small kids would love to see their younger days in future. Telling the stories is not enough. Make a scrapbook that has their young age photos and keep it safe. I’m sure they will laugh at how they appeared tender and small. No one won’t wish to recognize the changes they have gone through to a given stage in life. Scrapbooking is unique to every individual, but the above steps are reasonable to provide you with a guideline.

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