6 DIY Wine Bottle Projects for Your Home

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Wine bottles come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. These diverse features are the reason why they’re ideal for any repurposing or upcycling project. Thanks to their versatility, wine bottles can actually be turned into home décor and other practical items that you encounter every day. Moreover, you can give them as gifts and even sell them for profit.

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So don’t throw your wine glass bottles away! Keep on reading as we present a few DIY empty wine bottle ideas that you can easily do. Let the craft begin!

Hanging Light

The most remarkable way to upcycle wine bottles is by using them in entirely unexpected applications. Who would think that you can use empty bottles as a hanging light fixture?

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What you need to do is simply cut a wine bottle into two. You can cut it equally or make a 2/3 portion for the upper half and 1/3 for the remaining part. Sand the cutting edge of the top half because that’s what you’re going to use for the hanging light. Then you can attach your pendant light kit and hang it wherever suitable.

Floating Candles

Remember the left piece from earlier? Don’t throw it away because we can still do something crafty to it. You can make it as a romantic candle holder!

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This DIY project works great with darker colored glasses that will glimmer under the candlelight. Just remember to sand the edges. You can put water for the dramatic effect of floating candles. Also, you can use essential oils or scented candles to make your room smell good.

Flower Vase

It’s common to see wide-mouthed glass jars as a flower vase. But do you know that you can use wine bottles too?

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There are many styles you can do. You can cut the bottle into halves, just the neck part, or cut none at all. If in case you chose to cut, make sure that you’ll sand the cutting edge for your safety. Then to totally transform your bottle, grab a paint to coat your vase. You can even do the ombre effect to make it look expensive. But if you prefer a sleek modern clay effect, better use chalk paint instead.

Make a Platter

If you think flattening wine bottles is impossible. Think again. Flattening wine bottles offers an artistic solution to repurpose old wine bottles that are too adorable to throw away.

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You’ll need a kiln to do this. Be sure to place your clean wine bottle on the kiln shelf laying flat. Then close the kiln door and switch it on. Set the kiln temperature to 1450°F. When it slowly comes up to the designated temperature, allow the bottle to sit in for an hour.

After that, let the bottle cool down inside the kiln for at least 24 hours to avoid cracking. Once the outside temperature gauge tells you it has completely cooled, open the kiln and get your melted bottle. Now, you can use it as elegant serving plates and even a unique gift for family and friends.

Tiki Torch

This tiki torch wine bottle craft will be handy on your patio and backyard. Not only it can add light and ambiance to your outdoors, but it can also keep bugs and insects away (if filled with citronella oil).

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You’ll only need a clear wine bottle, crafting pebbles, tiki fuel, refill wicks, citronella oil, and a brass coupling doohickey. What you just have to do is fill the wine bottle with stones, covering about 1/3 of the glass container. Then fill in the tiki refill wick into the coupling doohickey. Don’t forget to fill the bottle with mixed fuel and citronella oil and insert the wick. Voila! Your tiki torch is ready!

Soap Dispenser

Can’t throw that pretty wine bottle? Worry no more because you can still use it while adding pizzazz to your kitchen sink. You can turn it into a soap dispenser!

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To get you started, make sure the wine bottle is clean inside and out, plus, don’t forget to remove the labels. Once the bottle is clean and dry, place your lettering “soap” stencil onto it and apply etching cream. Let it sit for five minutes, then rinse after. Remove the stencil and pat it dry with a towel. Finally, put a pour spout inside the mouth of the bottle. Now, you’ve got a chic soap dispenser!


You can make the most of your empty wine bottles by upcycling or repurposing them, rather than throwing them away. You’ll be amazed by the things you can do once you let your creativity flow.

Did you pick a favorite from our list? Which wine bottle craft are you planning to do? We love to know your thoughts. Type in your ideas in the box below.

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