DJ Jesse Neo Launches Collab Platform for Musicians – Gemtracks

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I’m excited to get the opportunity to reveal DJ Jesse Neo’s new collaboration platform to my readers. For those that don’t know, Jesse is a 23-year-old singer, composer and producer from Australia. He is one of the songwriters that wrote many of the study and meditation music you often find on YouTube. In 2017, he expanded his profession into pop and electronic music – and to his surprise, got offered several song writing gigs in Los Angeles. His work has also been featured in The Huffington Post.

Back when Jesse officially entered the entertainment capital in 2017, he realized a lot of the paperwork and communication tasks were very mundane. According to an interview, he stated, “Everyday, I would spend the majority of my waking hours talking on the phone with several clients to discuss about the current project, how much royalties I would receive, the method I would use to deliver the sound files, and other repetitive and tedious things like that.”

It got to a point where it got so ridiculous that Jesse decided to become an unsigned artist and tried to sell his music alone instead. To his surprise, it worked.

He launched his platform known as Gemtracks to buy and sell beats. He placed all his unreleased songs there and marketed the website to potential record labels and media companies. In just a few days, sales started coming through with amounts reaching up to $600 for each track.

“I was so surprised,” Jesse told me. “I think one reason why my beats and website were so attractive was because once a song is sold, it would be removed from the website. This means there is an element of exclusivity. Also, the copyright gets transferred to the buyer. Everything is done instantly without having to talk to me on the phone or contact a lawyer.”

What he saw as a big steppingstone, Jesse decided to open the website as a public platform. “A lot of my friends told me how turning it into an open marketplace would open new opportunities to artists,” Jesse revealed. “So that’s what I did.”

At the moment, there are several hundred producers registered on the website with their unreleased instrumental tracks ready to be sold. Some names include Milana Leybovich, I.Y.F.F.E, Beowülf and Lucas Gold. Some of the popular genres of music housed on the website include hip hop beats, pop beats and EDM beats.

“Now I am in the process of turning Gemtracks into a collaboration platform,” Jesse continued. “I want Gemtracks to turn into a go-to destination where singers would be able to find producers, sign contracts, distribute their music and let their creative juices flow together.” 

As of today, Gemtracks has launched two new features: book a recording studio and hire a freelance music producer. As I can see, this would allow artists that have purchased beats on the website to record their vocals over them, and then find a producer to finalize the song.

If you are a fellow musician that wants to contact Jesse, you can follow him on Instagram.

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