Does a Cracked Screen Affect Your Phone?

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It can be easy to ignore a cracked smartphone screen, especially if you’re juggling a number of other expenses. Many smartphone users put off fixing a cracked phone screen because it seems like an unnecessary fix for a phone that’s still working. However, cracked phone screens can lead to other, harder-to-fix problems, such as a voided warranty or major internal damage. 

Cracked phone screens can easily shatter

When a phone screen cracks, each crack is prone to more breakage. Over time, these cracks will create more and more cracks, and your phone screen may become too damaged to read or use. 

In addition, cracked phone screens tend to shatter more easily. Cracked phones can shatter from practically nothing when dropped. You might set your phone down on a table too hard and find that the screen has been shattered to pieces.

If your screen shatters or something else goes wrong, Apple will void your warranty and decline to perform any repairs to your device. As a result, making sure your screen is in perfect condition is essential.

Major internal damage

After the protection of a phone screen is compromised by cracking, major components within the phone are more susceptible to damage. For example, the digitizer, which is behind your phone screen, is responsible for interpreting touch signals. When your phone screen is cracked, the digitizer becomes exposed to dust, water, and other debris, which can lead to an unresponsive screen.

Water and debris can also seep beneath your phone screen and damage other fragile parts. When left unfixed, chunks of a cracked screen can become embedded into the switches and openings of your smartphone. 

Failing to fix your cracked phone screen can ultimately lead to major and costly internal damage. If you decide to sell your iPhone, a cracked screen and internal damage will significantly diminish the value of your device. Fixing your phone screen before further damage occurs can help protect the value of your smartphone.

Glass phone screens can cause injury

Cracking your phone screen can put you at risk for injury because the glass from smartphone screens can be sharp enough to cut or become embedded in the skin. Although a simple cut might not seem harmful, hundreds of tiny glass shards can become stuck in your skin if your phone screen shatters.

To prevent potential injury from a cracked phone screen, search for an affordable iPhone repair service in your area. A simple Google search such as “iPhone screen repair near me” will yield a variety of local results. Some companies offer free diagnostic exams to determine exactly what’s wrong with your iPhone. After the diagnostic exams, repairs begin in-store and are typically finished within the hour.

It looks unprofessional

From work meetings to outings with friends and family, you bring your phone everywhere. Colleagues will begin to notice if your phone screen is cracked or shattered, and this can harm your reputation. 

Although it might seem silly, people make judgments on your outside appearance, and the condition of your smartphone can lead to negative assumptions. For instance, you might choose not to trust someone with your device if you see that their smartphone screen was badly cracked. Repairing your cracked screen will prevent negative assumptions and help you maintain a professional appearance.

All in all, fixing a cracked phone screen as soon as it arises can help prevent further damage to your phone. When it comes to repairing your phone screen, always choose professionals that use high-quality replacement parts at affordable prices.

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