Does Your Leopard Gecko Need Company?

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Are you thinking of buying a gecko?

There are many species of this lizard to choose from. The leopard gecko is the most commonly found pet store gecko.

The leopard gecko is a lovable reptile and will make a great pet. But, if you’re thinking of getting this lizard for your home, you’ll need to learn a few things before you pick one out.

Can leopard geckos live together in one enclosure? And do you need to include other companion critters in their habitat? Keep reading to learn more about this reptile and the care you’ll need to give them.

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How Leopard Geckos Act Around Others

Leopard geckos are the types of geckos that are kind of like loners. They don’t enjoy being around other geckos. In the wild, they mostly live by themselves and only get together with other geckos when it’s time to make baby geckos. Even in captivity (when they’re kept as pets), they act the same way.

One big reason for this is that leopard geckos are pretty territorial. That means they like having their own space and don’t want another gecko moving in.

If you put two leopard geckos in the same home, they might get mad at each other and even hurt each other. So, if you’re thinking about getting another gecko as a friend for your current one, it’s better to give them their own separate homes.

The Exception: Love and Babies

There is one time when leopard geckos come together, and that’s for making baby geckos. Sometimes, breeders put a male and a female gecko in the same place so they can have gecko babies. But even then, it’s tricky.

The male gecko might bother the female too much, which can stress her out. So, if you’re thinking about breeding leopard geckos, you need to be very careful and make sure they get along.

How to Tell If They’re Not Getting Along

If you do have a male and female gecko together and they’re not happy, you might see some signs. They might shake their tails, bite each other, or make loud sounds. If you notice any of these things, it’s best to separate them right away to keep them safe and happy.

Living the Solo Life

Most of the time, leopard geckos are perfectly happy being on their own. They like having their own space and don’t feel lonely. They spend their time hunting for food and basking under their heat lamps, so they have plenty to do.

The most important thing is to create a comfy home for your gecko. Make sure their tank is at the right temperature, has enough humidity, and has hiding spots like the Exo Terra Gecko Cave Large for them to feel safe. If you take care of their home, your leopard gecko will be a happy and healthy pet all by itself.

Can Leopard Geckos Live Together?

Leopard geckos are solitary creatures and do not need a companion to thrive. But, can leopard geckos live together? It is important to research before introducing another gecko to your family.

With proper care and attention, your gecko can live a happy and fulfilling life, whether that be with or without company. If you are considering getting a companion for your leopard gecko, consult a reptile expert for guidance. Remember, a happy and healthy gecko is a gecko who is given the right environment and care.

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