Does Your Son Have a Passion For Football? 5 Gift Ideas That He’ll Just Love

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Isn’t it great when your child has a real passion for something? A hobby or an interest that just sparks their imagination and teaches them the importance of practice and dedication? Football is a hugely popular sport with an even bigger following (A great option to celebrate a favorite player is to download HD Ronaldo wallpaper for phone and desktop), and whether your son has a favorite team, or they love playing with their own team every Saturday, it’s a hobby that promotes teamwork, physical activity and boosts their confidence. 

So, when their birthday comes around, it’s natural to gift them something that compliments their passion, right? Well, it’s often easier said than done! If you’re struggling for ideas for your football-mad son then don’t worry, you can check out a huge range of gifts here at wicked uncle – read on for 5 other football gift ideas that they’ll love! 

Books, books and more books!

Even though your son might love skidding through the mud as he goes in for a tackle, you should consider indulging their inner bookworm too. Depending on their age you could treat them to some football-themed sticker books or activity pages, puzzle books and of course for young readers, take a look at some Horrid Henry adventures or the Jaime Johnson series. It’ll give them something to do when they’re off the pitch! 

Take a guided tour

Do they follow a particular team? If your son loves nothing more than catching up on the latest scores and following the careers of their favorite players, then consider taking them on a guided tour of their team’s football stadium. They can go pitchside, check out the changing rooms, be awestruck in the trophy room and get plenty of photographs with you along the way. Most of these tours last a couple of hours and have plenty of interactive elements and souvenirs to take away with them. It’s something they’ll remember forever! 

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Get them on target

If your garden is big enough, then help them with their aim and treat them to a football goal target. These targets are perfect for helping your little striker improve their game and practice at home regularly. Come match day, they’ll be unstoppable! 

New equipment

We all know these things add up, so spoiling them with new shin pads, gloves, boots, jerseys, and hoodies will certainly put a smile on any football fanatics face. You also want to make sure they don’t get injured. Perhaps weigh up what they need the most, or club together with other family members who want to spoil them too. 

A match!

If your son hasn’t yet experienced a football match first hand, then this could be the perfect opportunity to treat them to something that they’ll never forget. When you go to a match you can really make a day of it. Soaking up the atmosphere outside the stadium, enjoying the food and stalls bursting with merchandise and then, of course, the build-up to the game and the match itself! Make sure they’re ready to jump out of their seats when their team scores!

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