Don’t Panic – Your Car Key Can Be Replaced!

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It is small and inconspicuous, but a reproduction often costs hundreds of dollars and a lot of nerves. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about replacing a lost or damaged car key!

Most car locks today use a keyless system. Instead of actually unlocking the car with a key, we only have to press the remote control. With this keyless system, the remote key can even stay in your pocket as you open the vehicle and start the engine. But no matter which system you use, convenience comes at a price – a car key replacement costs up to 1000 dollars. 

Yes, the high price may cause you to rub your eyes in amazement. Manufacturers, however, argue that the keys today are high-tech goods – opening, closing and starting a car is the smallest task. Instead, an integrated chip also controls the immobilizer and, depending on the model, also stores the electronic service booklet and data such as mileage and comfort settings. 

If the key is damaged or lost, going to an authorized dealer is usually unavoidable. The driver will order the new key upon presentation of the vehicle registration document, ID and the chassis number. 

This can be an expensive fallacy because there are often considerable costs of car key replacement depending on the brand – especially for luxury vehicles. What many customers are not aware of is that they can have their car keys copied by a locksmiths service at a much lower cost. 

Let a Professional Copy Your Car Keys

A local locksmith is your specialist when it comes to copying your vehicle key but make sure to use services from someone who actually is a specialist. With this high tech key, you don’t want to take any risks. This is especially true with luxury or newer cars. While the keys of older models can usually be copied as easily as house door keys, the car keys of modern vehicles are often equipped with many electronic components. Especially high-end cars have e.g. an electronic immobilizer or remote control for opening the door integrated into your vehicle key. The key must not only be copied here but also reprogrammed. In this case, having the car key copied requires a good knowledge of the electronic functioning and the software, so that you should fall back on the specialist knowledge of a professional. 

Can All Car Keys Be Replaced or Fixed?  

No, not necessarily. In order to guarantee the safety of the car, the anti-theft device continues to develop every day. The car key sends a signal to the vehicle. The responder in the vehicle reacts and signals permission to start. This distinguishes it from a remote control. Therefore, it is not so easy these days to have a car or motorcycle key reproduced. In order to be able to determine whether your car key actually can be repaired or replaced, they need the original key. The car key is checked with a reading device and either made immediately or ordered. It depends on the brand, model and year of construction.  

Writing this article we contacted the nationwide service team at OnTimeLocksmiths and asked about their car key services and this is their reply; “…If you have lost your car keys and would like to have it copied or replaced, please call (888) 979-7923 or contact us on Our specialists can arrive within 30 minutes and replace your key in minutes. It’s good to know that all of our service agents can copy the keys of all car and motorcycle models, and also reprogram damaged immobilizers or remote controls so that you can use the key for your car as usual.” 

Now let’s hope you won’t find yourself locked out from your car but in case you do, no need to panic. Lost car keys is a recurrent nightmare for many parents but for no reason. It’s really not as complicated or expensive as the car manufacturers sometimes let us believe and you don’t have to wait for hours to get help. Just remember to make an extra copy just in case!

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  1. It’s good to know that you should get a locksmith specialist to replace the keys when it’s a newer car. My brother just bought a new Challenger and is worried about having is keys lost or stolen. I’ll be sure to share this with him so he can know what to do in case of an accident.

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