Dream Frenz – Fun Pillows For Kids #OMHoliday16

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dream-frenz-01 One of my daughter’s favorite things is fun pillows. That’s why I am excited for her to unwrap the fun Dream Frenz pillows this Christmas season!

Dream Frenz is from the imagination of a young girl who was the oldest of three sisters. She liked to draw characters with big round heads and tiny bodies. One of her first original sketches, of a pirate, can be seen on this page. Her middle sister, who had taken sewing lessons, sewed the original Dream Frenz prototype. The youngest sister got in on the fun by playing and approving each Dream Frenz character. I love that each year Dream Frenz donates to children who face adversity in their health, economics, or otherwise.

dream-frenz-st-nickSince it is the holiday season, of course I had to get St. Nick. He is the perfect cuddly Santa to sleep with on Christmas Eve in anticipation of the next day. I can’t wait for Riley to open up this small gift on Christmas Eve – I know she is going to love it!

dream-frenz-marlin-the-moonDream Frenz also has a couple of cuddly pillows that glow in the dark. Marlin the Moon is one of them. Riley has a night light that’s a constellation and she loves stars, so this is perfect for your child that loves the moon and stars.

Your children will have sweet dreams with their Dream Frenz. No matter if it’s St. Nick, Marlin the Moon, Sol the Sun, PJ the Pirate, or any of the other fun Dream Frenz, your child will love unwrapping them this holiday season!

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  1. I like these cute pillows. They look so comfortable. The Santa one would be perfect for this time a year.

  2. These are adorable! The Santa design is the cutest!

  3. Karen Glatt says

    These are just cute pillows for the Holidays! I like these fun pillows and my niece would love the cute Santa one! I will have to check out site!

  4. Brandi Dawn says

    These are adorable. My daughter loves her blankets and pillows a lot too!

  5. These pillows look cute.

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