Dry Dog Food or Natural Nutrition?

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If you want to provoke a heated argument among pet owners, ask what they feed them. Recently, controversy about ready-made diets and natural nutrition has arisen more and more among both novice pet owners and experienced breeders. It is not surprising: see the review of Chewy’s brands – the quality of dry dog ??food and home rations can be very different, but in this article we will try to get to the bottom of the truth.

Our pets are predators

As you know, dogs and cats are carnivores, which means meat should be the basis of their diet. An interesting fact – cats are considered strict predators and cannot do without meat in their diet. Dogs are more omnivorous than cats, but an excess of fiber is also undesirable for them.

With a natural diet, owners often feed pets with leftovers and cereals with minimal added meat. On the other hand, there are a lot of dry feeds that are 60–80% grain. Neither option is useful for pets. We do not recommend combining natural nutrition with ready-to-eat foods.

Why table feeding is bad

You probably managed to ask the question: why is the feeding from the table so bad if we eat it ourselves? The answer to this question lies on the surface: the pet’s body does not work like ours. There are foods that can cause diarrhea or allergies in dogs and cats, and some can cause serious health problems.

Remember that ready-made diets and natural food should be at least a third of meat. This is especially important for fluffy purrs because meat contains the essential amino acid taurine. It is not produced in the body of cats, but without it, they actually will not survive. In addition, the ingredients themselves must be of good quality and properly balanced.

For all the pros and cons of natural Kirkland dog food from Costco and prepared diets, see the next article. We have prepared some useful life hacks for you.

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